Tahm kench will be the most powerful jg ever and NO ONE will be able to stop him.

idk man ever since the scuttle crab changes ive devoted my life to scuttle. Getting scuttle is the key to life and achieving nirvana. get scuttle, win game. scuttle > buffs scuttle > dragon scuttle > kills scuttle > rift herald scuttle > turret scuttle > being a productive jg and ganking to give ur team a lead scuttle > baron scuttle > inhib scuttle > nexus scuttle > winning your promos scuttle > graduating high school scuttle > being successful in life scuttle > family and friends scuttle > life itself scuttle > scuttle the list goes on Getting scuttle is the absolute and ultimate achievement in life. The single greatest accomplishment a man can ever dream of achieving. And recently, I have discovered the ultimate scuttle securing champion, behold our new king, {{champion:223}} He is a perfectly bred specimen created with only one purpose in life, to get that scuttle. Enemy jg gonna smite? nope u just eat and run away then spit it out whenever u please to smite in an area you feel comfortable, safe, and secure in.
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