A suggested change to the upcoming support items change. More slot efficiency.

All three of these new support items are under 2k gold. Heck, the Gold Coin line is a measly 1.5k. That's almost the price of Boots or a BFS! Instead, I think the recipes should look like Remnant of the Ascended (Formerly Eye of the Oasis) Recipe changed: Nomad's Medallion (850) + Forbidden Idol (800) + 550 gold = 2200 gold Stats would be something like 10% cooldown reduction +Gold 2 per 10 seconds +200% health regen +200% mana regen +20% Heal/Shield power Remnant of the Watchers (Formerly Eye of the Watchers) Recipe changed: Frostfang (850) + Fiendish Codex (900) + 750 gold = 2500 gold +80 AP +10% CDR +Gold 2 per 10 seconds +100% mana regen. Remnant of the Eternal (Formerly Eye of the Equinox) Recipe changed: Targon's Brace (850) + Kindlegem (800) +850 gold = 2500 gold +800 HP +10% CDR +Gold 2 per 10 seconds This gives them actual slot worth that only falls somewhat short of the likes of Morellonomicon or Warmogs in terms of raw stats. (Don't forget that items like Warmogs come with very powerful passive effects that the Remnants wont in exchange for their gold/ward generation.)
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