Riot needs to stop listening to Hashinshin

Honestly, bruisers were never “weak”, they were just outclassed by tanks (who are also not “weak”. they’re as strong as ever, they’re just now outclassed by bruisers). Conqueror should have never been added. Tanks should have just been nerfed in the first place. Also, i wanna talk about Jax for a second. Honestly, a good Jax is one of the most bs things to play against, he’s like a tank with hyper carry levels of damage, he has insane mobility, an aoe stun which can dodge autos on a low cd, and not to mention he’s one of the best splitpushers AND duelists, i don’t even think there is a champ that can 1v1 duel Jax if he isn’t behind and doesn’t mess up (maybe Fiora) but Hashinshin would have you believe Jax is “weak”. Rito stop listening to this guy.
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