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I believe that it is not only me that play solo/duo ranked games and have problems because of rage player, afk player or just a quitter that gives up on a game like the total amount of kills is 3/7... 2/8..... I am not talking about my team only, it is really common to have an enemy team that also quits, rages and simply decide that the game is over… I just feel like that there should be a real hard punition for a player that enters on rage mode, quit or just messes up the game of the other players... Starts suiciding, complain about the game, mute team mates and decides alone that the game is lost and simple give up... I am just tired this... I always try to say something nice, trying to cheer the team up and avoid conflicts.... I cannot be the only one passing thru it.... My suggestion is to create real hard punition for such kind of player, if someone is reported from more of 4 players in a game... Something is definitely wrong.... Do a system that punishes that kind of behavior to guarantee that it will get better or at least, the team will try harder…. I have some suggestion in mind, which I describe bellow, of course they need always to be implemented in a better way. 1. One solution that I think is creating a system that just removes the person for a week or more from ranked games, something that really would catch the attention of players, because otherwise, nothing happens or such a player stays out of one game and on the other, there you go… he is back (or he logs into a second account and come back to the game). 2. Another way of thinking is creating something directly related to the ranked, if the player is causing trouble, tag him with a red flag or something and make his matchmaking with another player that are also raging and causing trouble. Make him play like 20 games to be able to play normal ranked again, something that would be really painful to get rid of, so they are tagged for a long time and think twice on doing the same mistake again. I DON’T MIND WAITING 5 TO 15 MINUTES TO START A GAME THAT WILL BE GOOD! Maybe that is the reason that it was not made so far? Why not give it a shot? I am more than sure that more people came up with such an ideia. I hope this brings up a feedback for the RIOT Team and that people can also add their commentary here.
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