Why you'll never build Ludens again [Ludens vs Liandrys]

Not many people Know this, But {{item:3151}} is actually a great replacement for {{item:3285}} . In fact, You should build Liandry's instead of Ludens 99% of the time, and here's why: The Magic Penetration on Liandry's grants a great supply of burst, more than Ludens would ever give, no matter the matchup. The only advantage to Ludens is it's MS and It's passive (which is quite useless, Becuase 100 (+ 10% AP) bonus will only give you roughly 170+ magic damage to nearby enemies, Which is unreasonable for it's price. "Shouldnt you only build Liandry's on DPS AP / Tanky enemy?" - I actually got asked this recently. And here's your answer: Go on Sandbox mode as Lux, place a dummy down and Combo it with the same build except switching up liandrys with ludens. You'll see that at full build with Ludens, Youll do roughly 2200 Damage, whilst With Liandrys, You can do well over 2800. This is against a tank (which is the dummy in this case). Against a squishier target, You'll roughly do 400 more Magic damage to it than you do with Ludens. With Simple Q-E-AA trades, You can do 150+ more damage with Liandrys, Making liandrys a great 3rd item for most mid laners. Which Means, If you're paying 3200 For Ludens, You better be desperate for the Movement speed or that tiny bit of splash, because you're actually doing less AP for more gold. ___________________________ For exterior reference, Here's another article supporting my findings. http://www.lolking.net/news/mid-game-itemization-liandrys-vs-ludens
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