3% MS from celerity is OP but 4.5% from old MS quints wasn't?

This is about the recent attention to celerity that Rioters are giving in balance thoughts. I'm going to keep this short. Celerity is only taken disproportionately because it's the only reliable early game option in its row. Transcendence does jack shit for the first 10 levels of the game and absolute focus simply isn't strong enough to justify being so situational. I'm not saying these are the worst runes, they're not, but a flat 3% MS and some AP/AD from bonus MS is simply better. My fear is that runes are going to be nerfed until every rune sucks, rather than buffing the totally inferior runes. I really don't think celerity should be touched, and if it is changed, it should just be totally MS rather than bonus AP/AD. The new rune system only offers a fraction of the power the old runes and masteries offered, and it feels super shitty to lose essential stat options like CDR and MS, it'd be horrible to lose MS options altogether or make it out of combat only because a lot of champions really need this rune to be viable and for myself, the game just feels more fun and less frustrating with higher MS. I used to take MS quints on nearly every champion.
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