Is anyone else convinced Riot doesnt know how to balance Toplane?

Like, let me level down with you. First, Klepto Vik starts abusing toplane and it takes several patches before he finally was put down. Next, Riven starts becoming the Omega of toplane, and was left alone for roughly 6 patches, finally being hit with a change. HOWEVER, said change did nothing but actually buff her, making her even more of an Omega than she was before. Wait another few patches, and she finally got nerfed...hopefully. Now, all the sudden, Jax and Fiora get random ass buffs knowing full well when they are good they are toxic. Trynd also got buffs in a previous patch that made him pretty nasty to deal with (not OP, just very very annoying to deal with). Combine the fact Spear still exists, and anything can practically go top, you get a cesspool of just jank and jank accessories. EDIT: First its, "Oh, you have too much influence with TP (the only way other than having to back and walk to other lanes), nerf", now its "Oh, now you need the jungler to help unlock your influence on the map, but yours is the least impactful btw". Like, what more can we do other than try and manage waves? Jg has been fucked like this for longer than we have, but ours is getting closer to severe problem status. Riot, its about time you start adding people from Pro or higher ranks that PLAY the game to the balance team to fix these issues before next season could spiral them hard, making it hard to come back from. Many tops in high elo i've chatted with agree with me on this, when last season not many did. Thats not good. So heres what needs to be done: - Fix shit whos counterplay currently doesn't exist (Jax, Riven, Fiora, Trynd) (They are strong, but Pro favors teamfighters any day of the week hint hint) - Move some toplaners to other positions to shrink the massive toplane pool, and balance them around the new lane they are in (Top's pool is the largest of all roles) - Remove the gold or heavily lower the gold from turret plates. - Start giving classes and subclasses actual varying (and correct) stats (Tanks should have more base HP (could give them better armor and mr, but probably have to nerf clearspeed for tank jgs that might do too well because of it), Fighters are fine where they are, you get the point) EDIT: And now look at what they are doing. Attempting to buff Riven just because she hit 48% winrate in plat. Like, for real, can she just not sit in the dumpster till preseason/offseason where we can finally do work on her so her Q animation canceling doesn't just flat out autowin trades?
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