Yuumi is a terrible champion period

From design to gameplay. Just a straight rip from Io in DOTA 2 in concept that had to be jury rigged to have a similar role but is also immune while tethered. Her kit will never be able to balanced because she is going to have to be balanced around being immune sitting on a tank with stupid synergy who can walk in or sitting on an ADC and basically guaranteeing their safety. She isn't punished enough for sitting on a target for too long and has very little ability to be killed once she hits level 11. It doesn't matter if she is weak or OP. She is always going to be a problem because of the way her kit is. I experience so many buggy interactions just with her existence that makes me scared of her ever being viable. I hit her and CC her but she jumps onto an enemy champion during the CC so she's 100% safe and gets to ignore the CC and her jump has basically no CD. Then there's her kit in general which literally looks like a stupidly overloaded kit like most champs get on release and the only reason she is doing poorly is she requires a unique playstyle for the ADC in bot lane and her numbers are kind of low early. Her passive literally just gives someone free max hp basically that doesn't wear off until they get hit. Her Q is basically impossible to miss unless the champion is super mobile and has a massive slow if she lands it and waits a second. Her E literally is the definition of a 0 counterplay ability. Basically if someone gets low and you don't have grievous wounds it will be insane. And to top if off she can cast it while ulting. And her ult is really overloaded as well at least in damage when combined with how long the CC lasts. At the very least the CC needs to start at a lower amount at level 6. 1.75s and 240 base damage max is a lot for a CC AoE ult with no risk and doesn't deny access to her other important abilities. Seeing her when shes ahead even if it was a fluke makes me wish she was never made as I already see so many problems in her kit and is one of the many reasons I have mostly stopped playing this game. Power creep and utility creep are happening still. I waited a full season to see if Riot would learn and they still haven't. Just keep releasing overloaded kits nonstop and having to deal with them for almost years before they finally work on them and usually just end up making it worse. The last champion to come out relatively balanced was {{champion:19}} rework.
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