Cassiopeia Plans!

Hey guys! Today I’d like to go into some detail about our upcoming Cassiopeia changes. Real quick though, I’d like to add that I’ve been surprised to see all of the attention Cassiopeia has been getting on Boards-- I’m really happy to see that so many players care about our favorite Snake Lady, even though things got a bit... passionate. Your enthusiasm is definitely noted. Also, sorry if I haven't been as involved as I should have been in directing the conversation. At the end of the day, I had to take a step back to examine all of your feedback as I distill it into something actionable. Truthfully, it felt like many of the discussions would spiral into the same 10 paper kits or unconstructive comments on repeat, which wasn’t particularly useful. I’d like to get into deeper debates about why a proposed spell will or will not work, but those can be pretty tough because they usually don't just stop at just one reply. That said, I’ve been reading virtually everything, and there has been a wealth of insightful and helpful feedback aside from these, even since the beginning. So, let’s get into it. Here are a few of the major pain points that many people seem to share: * **Cassiopeia is no longer a poison mage** * While this sentiment is a bit harsh, I totally agree that we’ve lost some of what made Cassiopeia so cool to many of her biggest fans. This is my biggest regret from the update, and we’re looking to get this back. * **Aspect of the Serpent is chore-ish** * This was not the intent. The most chore-like part (minion farming) has too much focus for what was intended as a fall-back, so we’ll be addressing that as well. * **I miss the long range, AoE, DoT pattern** * In actual fact, DoT’s do a lot more damage than anyone realizes, and often times so do AoE’s, so in order for Cassiopeia to be balanced as a long-range AoE DoT dealer, she’d have to take some significant hits. We had to make a choice here, and we went with giving her the most potent DoTs on single targets. Cass can still apply DoT from long range, but accessing her full power requires commitment to a single target (with E). This way we can give Cass meaningful DoT power on single targets instead of weak DoTs to all enemies. Fishing from long range with Qs and Ws is an important and fun part of her play pattern that we want to keep. So with all that in mind, let’s take a look at a proposed changelist (which should be hitting PBE soon): * **Aspect of the Serpent** * No longer stacks on poisoned unit kill or on Twin Fang casts on enemy champions. * Now, stacks once every 6 seconds (10 times per minute) and for every second that an enemy champion is poisoned. * Breakpoints adjusted to keep them at approximately the same game time, but this is still up in the air (i.e. maybe they should come sooner). * **Noxious Blast** * As it turns out, this ability uses old tech and has always been inconsistent in delay, hitting anywhere between ~0.25s and ~0.5s after casting. This means that the ‘change’ to a 0.3s delay didn’t actually do anything >.> We’ll be fixing this is the same way that we’ve fixed abilities like Rupture and Dark Matter in the past, so now it will consistently hit at the same time. We’re starting with a 0.35s delay time, which should ultimately result in a much more reliable ability (this is a buff), but will see if we need to change this. * **Miasma** * No change. * **Twin Fang** * No longer restores mana on unit kill (mana costs reduced accordingly). Some people really enjoyed this, so I’d consider adding it back, but with the minion farming mini game gone, this seemed less fitting on the kit. * Now adds a debuff on the target which significantly amplifies further poison damage. We have less confidence in this change, but it’s potentially super cool and solves some problems, so I can’t wait to see how it tests. Also, this is strictly a buff. * As a note, this is not possible yet, but we're looking into some better buffering tech on spellcasts so that spamming the E button as it's coming off CD is more responsive. * Also, how does everyone feel about the current CD? 0.5 s might just be a little low, as it keeps Cassiopeia locked in place, casting E's and hardly being able to move. I'd love to hear what people would think about skimming off some power here (say, bringing it to a 0.75s CD or something) and loading it into the DoT amp aspect, or something else. Thanks! * **Petrifying Gaze** * No change. And there you have it! Please let me know if there are non-power related kit concerns that you feel are unaddressed, new problems created, or things you miss about old Cassio that these changes don’t bring back. By the way, in these discussions, it can be really hard to get through proposed solutions that are focused on number analysis or are of the form "here's what the ability should do!" They get focused on what's difficult to solve or what might create more problems, rather than being focused on honing in on the original problem -- the real purpose of the discussions in the first place. Personally, I find the most valuable responses to vaguely fit some form like “I don’t feel that [change] solves [problem] for[reasoning],” or “These changes don’t address [problem], which I believe is concerning because [reasoning].” This lets both of us discuss possible solutions and hash out potential problems rather than arguing about the validity of suggestions :) Lastly, as, a disclaimer, none of the above is certain, and everything is still in testing. But you can expect to see most of this or some form of it hit PBE pretty soon (probably early next week)! Alright, that’s about it. I look forward to hearing what everybody has to say :D
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