Today is the day i quit this game and uninstall for good.

Toxic gameplay, toxic champions, toxic teammates and furthermost toxic community. If your in low elo and dream of reaching diamond etc.. **FORGET IT** **don't waste your time on this game !** focus on other things in your life like your girlfriend or boyfriend, spouse, kids, school or money. Anything is pretty much more important than this game honestly. Ranked is essentially flipping a coin and perhaps a giant marketing scheme nobody will ever realize. This game is fun and addicting but not worth the headache it brings with match making. Its either one thing or the other no consistency at all. I mean think about it if almost 80 something % of people are bronze and sliver ... like close to 80% !!! THINK ABOUT IT people something is fishy here. Seriously though if you wanna spend your money on something more worth while buy some weed and roll up a joint or blunt. A reminder that weed doesn't: * Cheat on you * Waste your time * Feed * Condescend you * Behave toxic * Troll But this community man.. BOY its like you all get off from bothering people in anyway or form like the toxicity keeps the oxygen in your lungs.. It kinda makes humans in general look like assholes like this community degrades humanity in such a way its so disgusting. Ive played several online games growing up and sure there was always some jerk but this game got some people with serious self esteem issues like ive heard of people even wanting to suicide from the toxic environment this community brings. And you know what ? i don't want to participate in any of that shit with this community, somebody has to fkin say it. Way i see it this games got at most 5 years left before another game takes over. Regardless of what you see on these boards which isnt even nowhere close to the total population that plays the freaking game. The people who don't even know these boards exist have A LOT to say and they're voices will never be heard or catered too. And you know why the game will die indefinitely ? because the the game at its core is focused around god tier elo where the majority of the population isn't even at, therefore the satisfactory of overall balance will NEVER meet ends meet. People will ALWAYS complain and you know what will happen? they will eventually move the fk on to other games and shit like i am right now. No i am not coming back Riot idc if you add another 400 new champions in the near future. I am done. #GGWP Riot games.
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