Subclasses for every champion

Riot recently created an [anouncement]( that tells us their new classification system for champions. The subclasses are vanguards, wardens, juggernauts, divers, assassins, skirmishers, burst mages, battle mages, artillery mages, enchanters, disruptors, and marksmen. Wish me luck as I try to fit each champion into one or two of these subclasses. If you have any disagreements, please tell me in the comments and I will do my best to understand your point of view. Let's begin this with: {{champion:266}} Aatrox: skirmisher, diver {{champion:103}} Ahri: assassin, burst mage {{champion:84}} Akali: assassin, burst mage {{champion:12}} Alistar: vanguard, warden {{champion:32}} Amumu: vanguard {{champion:34}} Anivia: disruptor {{champion:1}} Annie: burst mage, battle mage {{champion:22}} Ashe: marksman, disruptor {{champion:136}} Aurelion Sol: battle mage, disruptor {{champion:268}} Azir: battle Mage, disruptor {{champion:432}} Bard: disruptor, warden {{champion:53}} Blitzcrank: vanguard {{champion:63}} Brand: battle mage, disruptor {{champion:201}} Braum: warden {{champion:51}} Caitlyn: marksman, disruptor {{champion:69}} Cassiopeia: battle mage, marksman {{champion:31}} Cho'Gath: vanguard, burst mage {{champion:42}} Corki: artillery mage, marksman {{champion:122}} Darius: juggernaut {{champion:131}} Diana: diver, assassin {{champion:36}} Dr. Mundo: juggernaut {{champion:119}} Draven: marksman {{champion:245}} Ekko: assassin, diver {{champion:60}} Elise: diver {{champion:28}} Evelynn: skirmisher {{champion:81}} Ezreal: marksman, artillery mage {{champion:9}} Fiddlesticks: battle mage, disruptor {{champion:114}} Fiora: skirmisher {{champion:105}} Fizz: assassin {{champion:3}} Galio: battle mage, vanguard {{champion:41}} Gangplank: skirmisher {{champion:86}} Garen: juggernaut {{champion:150}} Gnar: vanguard, marksman {{champion:79}} Gragas: vanguard, warden {{champion:104}} Graves: diver, marksman {{champion:120}} Hecarim: vanguard, diver {{champion:74}} Heimerdinger: battle mage, disruptor {{champion:420}} Illaoi: juggernaut {{champion:39}} Irelia: diver, skirmisher {{champion:40}} Janna: enchanter {{champion:59}} Jarvan IV: vanguard, diver {{champion:24}} Jax: diver, skirmisher {{champion:126}} Jayce: burst mage, diver {{champion:202}} Jhin: marksman {{champion:222}} Jinx: marksman {{champion:429}} Kalista: marksman {{champion:43}} Karma: enchanter, burst mage {{champion:30}} Karthus: battle mage {{champion:38}} Kassadin: battle mage, diver {{champion:55}} Katarina: assassin, burst mage {{champion:10}} Kayle: battle mage, marksman {{champion:85}} Kennen: battle mage, marksman {{champion:121}} Kha'Zix: assassin, diver {{champion:203}} Kindred: marksman, skirmisher {{champion:96}} Kog'Maw: marksman, artillery mage {{champion:7}} LeBlanc: assassin, burst mage {{champion:64}} Lee Sin: diver {{champion:89}} Leona: vanguard, warden {{champion:127}} Lissandra: battle mage, disruptor {{champion:236}} Lucian: marksman {{champion:117}} Lulu: enchanter {{champion:99}} Lux: burst mage, artillery mage {{champion:54}} Malphite: vanguard {{champion:90}} Malzahar: burst mage, battle mage {{champion:57}} Maokai: warden, vanguard {{champion:11}} Master Yi: skirmisher, assassin {{champion:21}} Miss Fortune: marksman {{champion:82}} Mordekaiser: juggernaut, battle mage {{champion:25}} Morgana: disruptor, burst mage {{champion:267}} Nami: disruptor, enchanter {{champion:75}} Nasus: juggernaut {{champion:111}} Nautilus: vanguard, warden {{champion:76}} Nidalee: burst mage, skirmisher {{champion:56}} Nocturne: diver, assassin {{champion:20}} Nunu: warden, disruptor {{champion:2}} Olaf: juggernaut, vanguard {{champion:61}} Orianna: disruptor, battle mage {{champion:80}} Pantheon: diver {{champion:78}} Poppy: vanguard, warden {{champion:133}} Quinn: skirmisher, marksman {{champion:33}} Rammus: vanguard {{champion:421}} Rek'Sai: vanguard {{champion:58}} Renekton: diver, juggernaut {{champion:107}} Rengar: assassin, diver {{champion:92}} Riven: skirmisher, diver {{champion:68}} Rumble: battle mage, disruptor {{champion:13}} Ryze: battle mage, burst mage {{champion:113}} Sejuani: vanguard {{champion:35}} Shaco: assassin, diver {{champion:98}} Shen: vanguard, warden {{champion:102}} Shyvana: diver, skirmisher {{champion:27}} Singed: disruptor, juggernaut {{champion:14}} Sion: warden, disruptor {{champion:15}} Sivir: marksman, enchanter {{champion:72}} Skarner: juggernaut, warden {{champion:37}} Sona: burst mage, enchanter {{champion:16}} Soraka: enchanter {{champion:50}} Swain: battle mage, disruptor {{champion:134}} Syndra: burst mage, disruptor {{champion:223}} Tahm Kench: warden {{champion:163}} Taliyah: disruptor, burst mage {{champion:91}} Talon: assassin {{champion:44}} Taric: enchanter, warden {{champion:17}} Teemo: disruptor, marksman {{champion:412}} Thresh: warden, vanguard {{champion:18}} Tristana: marksman {{champion:48}} Trundle: warden, disruptor {{champion:23}} Tryndamere: skirmisher, diver {{champion:4}} Twisted Fate: burst mage, marksman {{champion:29}} Twitch: marksman, assassin {{champion:77}} Udyr: diver, disruptor {{champion:6}} Urgot: marksman {{champion:110}} Varus: marksman, artillery mage {{champion:67}} Vayne: marksman, skirmisher {{champion:45}} Veigar: burst mage, disruptor {{champion:161}} Vel'Koz: artillery mage, burst mage {{champion:254}} Vi: diver, vanguard {{champion:112}} Viktor: burst mage, disruptor {{champion:8}} Vladimir: battle mage {{champion:106}} Volibear: vanguard {{champion:19}} Warwick: vanguard, diver {{champion:62}} Wukong: diver {{champion:101}} Xerath: artillery mage, burst mage {{champion:5}} Xin Zhao: diver {{champion:157}} Yasuo: skirmisher, diver {{champion:83}} Yorick: battle mage, juggernaut {{champion:154}} Zac: vanguard {{champion:238}} Zed: assassin {{champion:115}} Ziggs: artillery mage {{champion:26}} Zilean: enchanter, disruptor {{champion:143}} Zyra: disruptor, burst mage
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