Support mains speak up!

Hello to all you support mains! What do you guys think of this new support item change? Isn’t it ridiculous that you can have a fully built support item and not be able to ward because the quest has yet to be completed? and not only that, should you complete it in lane, you then have to recall to charge it up? I feel this is unfair for many reasons. Should you be winning lane, you are unable to provide vision for your team. Should you be losing lane due to incompetent lane partners or heavy poke, you are not able to harass the enemy ( blue item) therefore completing the quest takes longer . Should you be losing lane but save what little money you do have to rush vision item and prevent ganks, you are still not able to play safe. ( Tower diving enemies on you) I very much liked the idea of an extra slot being freed up, but bad execution of denying vision early game. Does anyone else feel this way? I’ve been playing league for six years and I don’t mind that they change things, I can get used to this as well, but it seems... dumb... to make your supports not be able to provide good vision placement... Seeing as how the whole map is dark . Riot please remember that placing wards stops a gank... and saves a life. XD couldn’t help myself. Speak up! :)
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