Current state of the game (After watching the Worlds 2017)

SKT team is better than Samsung; it is just that Huni absolutely sucks and SKT had to take the loss. Bang even said he is no longer interested in LOL games. I personally lost interested in LOL too - though I am currently diamond and I was diamond last season too. But this is because how Riot designed the game. There is less space for heroic plays anymore because the champions are weaker by themselves. That's what I have been posting since years ago, complaining that Riot is not going in the right direction. There is less room for carries because each champions become nerfed and redesigned so if there is one stupid player in the game like Huni, that team cannot win. Each champion should be given enough carry potential so that if that player is super sharp and laser focused like Faker, Wolf, Bang, or Peanut, they should be able to carry one bad playerL Huni. (If Marin was with SKT i am 100% position SKT would've won the worlds.) Let me give you an example. Kenen's ult got nerved. WHY? WHY fucking why? Annie's basic attack range got nerved. Jinx's q got so nerfed (way too much), Azir got so nerved too so much, Ad Fizz got nerved as well. Ahri went through bunch of nerfs too, greats, yasuo too. Riot you made the game to be stupid. Instead of nerfing every champs you shouldve been making those weak champs stronger. This is why the game is so mundane now. Each champion lost its unique powers and each player has tremendously less room to carry. Are you thinking that your audience is dumb and you want to make the game dumb? Let me share one more disappointment thought that LOL is not fun anymore!!!! One primary example. Ryze, Kat, Leblanc reworks... Who thought of these reworks???? Seriously. Ryze, Kat, Leblanc were SOOOOOOO FUN TO PLAY - my favorites to play. And riot made these champs retarded not so fun champs to play. Riot's game LOL became more a stressful game to play (especially if you are trying to do well) rather than being the FUN game. Riot's should turn this around because I used to only play LOL but now I play Starcraft 2 more than LOL. Riot is going down a bad path. Just make ULTRA RAPID FIRE permanent mode so I can just come to LOL to play that. Other modes are disappointment.

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