The Jungle Creed

Hey guys, I am a jungle main, and recently played a game in mid lane while watching our Lee Sin. Our top laner (ranged) fed a few kills to the enemy (melee) and then proceeded to complain all game and troll to the point we could not win (going to all three lanes, feeding them by just standing there doing nothing while the enemy killed him, revealing our positions in /all chat ect.). He blamed the jungler for not ganking for him after he fed a little bit and that really annoyed me so i decided to make this list of rules that most jungler mains have, and share them with you to give you guys a little bit of an idea of why we do what we do (or don't do). 1) Giving away buffs. Usually we have a couple rules of thumb for this: Is your mid laner losing? How badly? Could they get back into it by getting this buff or will it just go to the enemy laner as soon as it happens? If the laner is resourceless, we will normally not give the buff away if we have mana. If we are ALSO manaless however, it comes down to who can use the CDR better (usually the midlaner in this case unless the jungler's main ganking tool is gated by high cooldowns (Rammus Q and Zac E for examples). 2) Ganking. This is normally just a situational thing but there are a few cases where we resolutely won't gank for you. For example if you have been raging and flaming at us all game, even if you *are* ahead. We don't *like* you, you are insulting us, why would we help you? If you have fed 3+ kills to the enemy without a jungle gank in a short period of time, we will normally consider that lane lost and try to help the other lanes get fed to compensate. What's going through our minds at this point is "better one lane loses than they all do." I assure all you laners that it is nothing personal, it happens to everybody and we are not mad at you (well, I can't speak for everyone but *I* still love you), but we would still like to win and not bandage your ego a little bit. If you are over extending and pushing to their tower despite being way behind, we are not going to help you. That is just a free kill waiting to happen. In an even lane or one you are winning in, sure; because that can easily be turned into a successful countergank. Also (Thanks Hentai Messiah) junglers tend to prioritize mid lane for the snowball pressure and dragon control that their damage gives us. So if we are ganking for them instead of your lane please be patient with us, we cannot be on every side of the map at once. 3) We are not your personal slaves. We are not going to do whatever you want, whenever you want. We have our own job in the game which we have to make sure we are doing, and it is only one part ganking. We have to worry about objective control, farming, warding (my weakness ~.~) and keeping track of *their* jungler. If we see a good opportunity, or know that the enemy jungler is on his way, we will make a beeline for your lane, but it will be on OUR terms. Pings are still helpful to let us know you are ready for a gank; but please, do not automatically assume that we will. I hope this clears up some confusion between laners and junglers and helps to make this community just a little bit stronger. :)
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