why does this champion isn't even considered to be reworked

Sona keeps ruining the experience of players over and over and over and over again because riot is either to lazy or too ù^$^ù to realize that this champion IS NOT FINE IN ANY DESIGN POINT OF VIEW Sona is the equivalent of old poppy, but instead of being a hard carry that 1v9 your team, she's an aura bot with no downtimes, no counterplay on any of her spell except maybe flashing her ult. garbage design, balanced around "bad early game" like old poppy, and now people are playing taric/sona so she survives, and then boost her entire team that will win 5v5 no matter what in mid/late game by having a support smashing his head on the keyboard and that's fine, because since 9 years this champion has stayed the fucking same.
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