Bruiser players - What are your thoughts on Spear of Shojin & Atma's Impaler?

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**tl;dr:** Bruiser players, how do you think these items would synergize with your prefrred champion(s)? For mine (Irelia) {{item:3161}} is a viable late-game option (much better than GA) but {{item:3005}} is stuck as a last item. As we saw both in preseason & currently on Nexus Blitz both Spear of Shojin {{item:3161}} & Atma's Impaler {{item:3005}} are in testing. Both items are aimed towards juggernauts/bruisers & are intended to be viable itemization choices on SR in Season 9. This begs the question - after experimenting with them both earlier in the year & in Nexus Blitz how do bruiser players feel about the items & their potential ability to be picked up by their intended audience? The goal of this thread is to have an in-depth discussion on this topic with several toplane players providing an input on whatever champion(s) they like, though your main(s) are preferred. Side Note - It's early to be discussing these items but I want to get some groundwork down for the future so that we (as players of champs applicable to these items) can have a good starting point to base judgement off when the items return to SR in preseason. Also - better now than never! --- To start off I'll be giving my input on {{champion:39}} 's synergy with both items, sourced from [120+ games of Nexus Blitz]( and (among those) several attempts to properly use both items. I believe that I can provide this angle given that [I've been reviewing Irelia & her kit in detail over the past few days]( & because I've worked hard to learn her. #Spear of Shojin: This item is tricky. On one hand its value is insane when used properly, you can easily dive in and utilize Dragon's Heart to be extraordinarily tanky. It's also decent itemization wise with Kindlegem being a good pickup thanks to its health + CDR. But on the other hand it doesn't feel necessary. When I'm building Irelia I usually go Trinity - Steraks - Titanic/GA/Randuins and by the time I have all of those the game is over. I could fit Spear somewhere in there but why should I? Obviously I can't get rid of Trinity or Steraks because they're core in Irelia, neither can I really get rid of Titanic since Tiamat rush is pretty huge on her right now thanks to the waveclear it provides. The only option then is to leave it until a 3rd/4th item and (by then) the game'll be over. So to start things off - It isn't a first, second or (maybe) third item. Trinity + Steraks + Tiamat all outclass it in its potential benefit. **But what if the game goes later? Then by all means Spear is your best option. ** At first I didn't think Spear had any decent use on Irelia because GA would outclass it. However when I compared the two's stats I realized that not only does Spear beat out GA in base stats (because for Irelia health, AD & CDR > less AD + armor any day) but it also provides immense damage reduction when you're diving in, something Irelia HAS to do due to the nature of her kit. Without overcomplicating it it's a really good item for late-game, it replaces GA's niche & better rewards you with for your damage-based itemization than any tank item would. I mean, how much benefit does it really give? I'd be glad to answer that. Irelia generally maxes out around 160-210 bonus AD in the mid-late game. If we're to work off Spear of Shojin's scaling & compromise between a mixture of the two values (180 AD) then how much damage reduction is she getting? Base damage reduction = 20 + 10% Bonus AD (capped at 70, values tripled if within 500 range of 3+ enemy champions). 20 + (180 * 0.1) = 38 damage reduction from abilities & attacks, tripled to 114 if Dragon's Heart is active. 38 less damage per champion attack/ability may not seem like much at first but remember that you're CONSTANTLY being attacked & that the value TRIPLES when you dive into the enemy team. It stacks up pretty damn fast and before you know it you'll come off with an extra 200-300 HP while also benefiting from the item's base stats & even its reset mechanic. With that said, what would you prefer as a defensive option - Spear, which provides way more synergy w/ your kit & grants you a decent amount of damage reduction that can RESET if you do your job right, or GA which is more of a safer but less synergistic option? That depends on what you want to do in your game though I think that (even while dueling) Spear outclasses GA solely due to its base damage reduction & its base stats - all for only 100 more gold. #Atma's Impaler: This section will be much shorter because to be hones) this item doesn't work too well on Irelia. Why? Because while she does stack HP (Trinity gives it, Steraks gives it, Titanic & Spear both give it when you get them etc.) Atma's itself is so delayed due to the immense value of her other items that it becomes a question of 'how relevant will this item be when it only appears as a last item'? I mean I already explained above that you can't delay Trinity or Steraks, Tiamat is crucial & Spear is also of insane mid-late game value - where does Atma's, an HP-based item that works best with champs that can benefit from Overgrowth (something Irelia _potentially_ takes in hard scaling matchups though even then you're more likely to go Unflinching or Bone Plating) fit in? It doesn't, that's the only real answer. It doesn't help that its itemization is somewhat awkward as well (Aegis + Pickaxe). So for Irelia - not the best item, only when she has everything else (especially Titanic) does it make sense. --- Those are my thoughts on both items for Irelia - Spear being a better GA (though which one you want is up to you) & Atma's being okay but nowhere near being better than any of her other items, hence placing it as a last buy and the least likely to have an impact on the game. What about you guys? I can definitely see Atma's being better on champs like {{champion:6}} , {{champion:240}} and DEFINITELY {{champion:36}} for instance - how does your champ do with {{item:3161}} & {{item:3005}} ? I'm curious to find out!
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