Mobility creep and agency

With the release of Sylas I've switched from playing almost exclusively juggernauts to Sylas. My first impressions after having played only a handfull of other champions since his release is that Sylas is incredibly fun to play. As a player I used to tilt extremely easily, I would feel that there was nothing I could have done to play a certain situation better, but with Sylas that feeling has almost completely disappeared. One could argue that the reason I'm tilting less easily is because I enjoy playing him more, which is certainly a part of it, but to my mind that increase in enjoyment comes not from having a new toy to play with, but from an increase in agency. When I lose a fight, I can always think of a couple ways that I could have either slipped away or outplayed it. But where does this agency come from? If you're not familiar with the concept of a juggernaut, they tend to be extremely tough, deal lots of damage, and be extremely slow/predictable, and therefore vulnerable to kiting, and often the only window they have to make plays is if your team has lots of CC or if you have flash available. Contrast this to Sylas, with a low cooldown dash, plus an amumu Q, plus a short dash. The increased mobility is a large part of the feeling on increased agency, to reference a recent game that I played, I dodged the enemy malphite ult twice that game, avoiding near certain death to a gank. If I were playing a juggernaut, that would almost certainly be two deaths. Unfortunately Riot's in a very awkward situation right now because on one hand they have complaints about too much damage flying around, and reducing it would make the game much more strategy oriented. On the other hand a feeling of a lack of agency was a serious issue in season 7, with a common complaint being that one good player couldn't carry the game, but one bad player could throw it. These complaints are somewhat at odds with each other, and because of it Riot seems like they're trying to pull the game in too many directions at once. Increasing mobility will increase agency and satisfaction for the people that like that playstyle and those kinds of champions, but it can also lead to extreme frustration playing against the very same champions, as giving agency to one player in the form of mobility often means nullifying the agency of others, and when a champ with a lot of mobility gets ahead it can be extremely oppressive. What does Riot do about this though? It's not an easy question and I don't envy their situation, but they need to have a long hard think about the direction they want the game to go in. As far as I can tell they have 3 main paths they could take. They could increase mobility, leading to lots of crazy high skill outplays, something like the assassin meta we have right now, with a single mistake often leading to death, but probably even more severe. They could decrease mobility which would ideally lead to more strategic play and requiring careful positioning and long drawn out fights. They could also try and make everyone happy, finding a balance between the two, but more than likely this would lead to nobody being happy. Obviously I'm slightly simplifying things here and the meta clearly depends on more than just mobility cough damage cough, but i do think that the extreme mobility creep has gone a long way towards shaping the current meta. Let me know your thoughts, does League have mobility creep? If so, is it a bad thing? Is a higher outplay potential good? What's the consequence of having a higher outplay potential? Is there a better way to include counterplay than making every champion have a dash? Is the meta even affected by mobility creep, or does damage creep play a bigger role? I don't claim to have all the answers and I want to hear your opinions too. TL;DR: Mobility increases agency for champs that have it, is League better off with more mobility, or less? Why?
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