What towers could learn from Twisted Treeline

Lately, towers have been becoming more and more useless as the game progresses, champions building more and more damage are melting towers like butter. While most say that towers should either deal more damage or have more resistance, I say that towers should be like the nexus turret in TT. Nexus Turrets in TT shoot really fast, and dish out a lot of damage also. I'm not saying that all towers should be like this, but Inhib/Nexus towers should be, as they're defending important objectives. I think that towers should start at 0.65 attack speed and ramp up after 4 shots to 1.25 to keep relevant to tower dives and to stop people who only split (Inting Sion) Pros: >Towers will be extremely helpful >Towers will stay relevant when defending objectives >Towers can fend off splitpushers Cons: >Towers will melt through waves fast, and might be overbearing when tower dives happen >Towers might require more than 2-3 people to kill (Baron, 5 man, Mountain Drakes) TL;DR: Towers that are defending main objectives (Inhib/Nexus) should be a bit more powerful. Just a concept I had floating around
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