After 500+ Games Played of Nexus Blitz With a ~60% Winrate, Here is My Feedback

First off, I love Nexus Blitz. I find it to be much more enjoyable than the other game modes. As someone who played Dominion religiously, this game mode fills the void Dominion left, and I feel it's much more approachable than Dominion was to the average player. Champion diversity is much better on this map than it is on Summoner's Rift, and a good team composition is vital to winning. Enchanter supports are surprisingly powerful, tanks are actually able to tank, marksmen are able to come online before the game is over and fighters, assassins and mages are still strong enough to be viable. The only champions that really struggles are Juggernauts, split pushers and champions that have been dumpstered because of pro play. ___ **Event Timing** Events do not have a consistent start time, often the first event will be announced at 4:00 and start at 4:30, but it will occasionally be announced as early as 3:30 and start at 4:00. This disparity makes for quite a bit of awkwardness, as often times players will find themselves at level 5 rather than level 6 when the first event starts. I suggest that the events have a fixed Announcement / Start Time of: * Event 1: 4:00 Announcement, 4:30 Start * Event 2: 8:00 Announcement, 8:30 Start * Event 3: 12:00 Announcement, 12:30 Start * Event 4: 16:00 Announcement, 16:30 Start This would bring clarity and consistency to the game mode, similar to how Baron always spawns at 20:00 minutes on Summoner's Rift. ___ **Event Breakdown & Proposed Changes** Prize Fight: I love this event, though I do have some issues with it. * Everyone should be given 5 seconds to shop at the start of the event. * Each contestant should start with full health and mana. * The mini arena should be cleared of all spells, traps etc at the start & between rounds. Starting on top of a Zoe bubble, Teemo shrooms etc just feels terrible. * Allow teams to choose who/when they fight in the time leading up to the event, while this might be difficult to implement, it would add more strategy and prevent undesirable pairings of teammates (ie tank + support etc) * Tweak the burning damage/conditions, often times it has the opposite effect of its intentions of forcing the contestants to fight. Especially when a player has to win a 1v2 followed by a 1v1, the team with two players will spend as much time as possible making the opponent burn to guarantee a final fight victory, or the final contestant the 1v2 wins the first fight and starts the next fight with less hp, but the remaining player on the other will refuse to fight and let the burning effect do the work. I suggest changing the damage to % current hp. Additionally, the burning damage makes keystones / effects that depend on being in combat either worthless or too strong. * Disable the event after 10 minutes if a team is ahead by ~5-10k gold or more. When it happens later in the game and the winning team has huge lead, it's essentially forced inting for the losing team. Scuttle Crab Racing: This event is decent, but not my favorite, and I wouldn't change much about it. * Reduce the effectiveness of flat movement speed increases on the scuttle crabs. Due to how they have such low base movement speed and how movement speed works, % movement speed buffs don't do very much to the scuttle, while flat movement speed increases drastically increase its speed. * Increase the tenacity of the scuttle crabs. While the displacement adjustments vastly increased the quality of this event, stun locking the crabs still seems a bit too effective. * Disable the event if a team has lost their inhibitor turret. If the losing team has lost their inhibitor, this event is impossible to contest without losing their Nexus towers outright. Additionally, the winning team has the luxury to kill the scuttle once, then ignore the event while destroying the rest of the enemy's base. Bardle Royale: I like this event, but a few things make it feel terrible: * Paranoia is awful, plain and simple. I don't think I've played with anyone that actually enjoys the Paranoia version. * Lower the initial shrinking speed when the center of the circle is in a team's base. Too often members of the winning team will respawn/recall as the event starts and immediately die because they can't keep up with the circle. * Remove all minions / disable minion spawns during the event. Often times the winning team has taken the losing team's inhibitor before the event starts and the losing team is forced to lose towers/their nexus to stay inside the circle. * Disable the jungle towers during the event King of the Hill: This event almost never happens, but I enjoy it when it does happen. * Seriously, just increase how often this event happens. * Potentially add 2 more zones to control to make it a bit more interesting. Urf Deathmatch: This event is rather cheesy, but still fun. * Change the spawning mechanics to allow the players to move at a reduced speed while respawning, being stun locked the moment you spawn is dumb. * Adjust the burning damage/conditions. The issues are pretty much the same as those in prize fight, but it seems that being in combat does not stop the burn if you aren't being damaged by the enemies. Wandering Enemy: I do not enjoy this event, but a few tweaks would make it much better. * Reduce the gold granted by 50%. The enemy is worth a total of ~10k gold, which snowballs the game way too much. * Disable the event if a team has lost its inhibitor turret, the event becomes an uncontested 10k for either team depending on where it spawns. If its outside the losing team's base, free 10k gold to the winning team, if its inside the losing teams base, free 10k gold to the losing team. Both of these situations are dumb. * Make the enemy immune to Syndra's W, she can pick up it up repeatedly to bring it into her base. Push the Cart: This event has the potential to be good, but often times feels terrible. * Disable the event if a team has lost its inhibitor tower. Being on offense and having to push the cart past inhibitor is nigh impossible with how much of a choke point bases are, and how close the entrance of bases are to the fountain. Teams are able to run back and forth between their Nexus Turrets and Fountain to contest the event almost indefinitely. * If the cart is within range of a tower with one member of the pushing team on the cart, and the tower is destroyed, it should be counted as a win. ___ **Rewards** Guardian Angel: Not a huge fan of this reward, it sucks to have to kill the enemies twice or avoid them altogether, and it also sucks to have it expire while in combat with champions. * Lower the duration to 60 seconds. * Pause the timer while in combat with enemy champions. BF Shields: I hate this reward so much, having it last indefinitely makes it too difficult to play around without having significant poke. Additionally it is easily wasted if you want to clear your jungle camps. * Reduce the shield amount by 50% * Make the shields regenerate while out of combat. * Lasts for 90 seconds rather than until it is broken. Blessing of Blitzcrank: Stupid reward, I hate it whether its on my team or the enemy's. * Just remove it, too unreliable, and often times benefits the enemy team if they have a strong engage tank. * Replace it with the Blessing of Kha'Zix (stealth & movement speed upon entering brush) Catapult of Champions: Solid reward, but slightly too strong. * Reduce the range to the center of the map. Poro King: Pretty worthless unless the enemy team is too dumb to kill it. * Slightly increase the damage to towers. Battle Sled My friends and I have nicknamed this the int-mobile, as it often results in the people in it dying. * Remove the knock back on the players inside of it Mega Ocean Drake More often than not, I forget that I even got a reward from this event. * Add +100% Base Health & Mana Regeneration while in combat. Mega Cloud Drake Solid reward, no complaints here. * No changes Static Shock Good reward, the waveclear is perfect, but the damage it deals to champions is a bit too overbearing. * Reduce damage dealt to champions. ___ **Map Specific Items** * {{item:4401}} * Far too strong with how good the Spectral Cowl items already are. * Increase its cost or decrease its stats. * Add a counter part armor item. * {{item:4402}} * The regen from this item is game breakingly overpowered. * Health regeneration: ~~8%~~ --> 5% * {{item:3005}} * Suffers from awkward build path. * Replace pickaxe with Jaurim's Fist. * ~~25 AD 30 Armor 30 MR~~ -> 300 Health 30 Armor 30 MR * ~~In combat .5% - 2% HP to AD conversion~~ -> 1% HP to AD conversion out of combat, increased up to 3% while in combat. * Total cost ~~2900~~ -> 3100 * {{item:4302}} * Way too strong, especially when both bot laners take it. * Reduce how often it gains stacks, increase the added delay on gain on stacks when killing minions without a stack. * {{item:3128}} * Not as strong as I suspected. * Lower the cooldown to 60 seconds. * {{item:4001}} * Walls are too small on this map to make these effective. * {{item:4004}} / {{item:4003}} * These items are fine, aside from their interaction with Camille / Skarner ultimates. * {{item:3161}} * Seems to be in a good state, but I'd like it to be melee only with an increase radius activation. * {{item:3172}} * No issues with this. * {{item:4403}} * Complete noob trap of an item. * Likely impossible to be a balanced item. * If anything, decrease the stats & cost. * {{item:3131}} * Incredibly powerful while the active is used, but unnoticeable otherwise. * Very tough to balance. * Make critical strike damage reduced but scale with lethality and reduce its cooldown? * {{item:3029}} {{item:3073}} {{item:3008}} {{item:3007}} * All of these need to stack a lot faster. ___ **Terrain/Jungle/Champions/General/Misc** * While there are a lot of walls, they laughably small, making Kayn, Talon and Ghostwalkers pretty useless. * Base entrances are far too narrow of choke points and the bases themselves are too small. This makes minion waves take up the entire base at times and completely unnavigable. * The jungle towers feel unnecessary. * The interaction between the large wolf explosion and other jungle camps should be removed. * Jungle camps are too slow to respawn at the beginning of the game / too quick of a clear. * Jungle items need to grant increased gold & exp from kill camps and reduce gold from killing minions. * Rift Herald is too easy to take for how powerful it is (giving both baron minion buff and the actual rift herald), it also lasts for too long. * Support items should cost a bit more to offset the increased gold gain / minion gold share. * Kindred getting double stacks on killing marked champions is too powerful, this buff belongs on ARAM, not Nexus Blitz. If anything she should get double stacks from killing buff monsters rather than killing marked targets. * Some of the bushes on the map will not be revealed by wards if the ward is placed on the edge but still inside the bush.
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