CS'ing Bounty isn't healthy in Low Elo.

A historical definition for bounty provided by Google is a sum paid to encourage trade. Bounties are also known to be placed on notorious individuals' heads. This applies heavily in League, an enemy champion who is usually fed received a bounty, encouraging your team to trade resources to kill this person. Often ignoring others to get this bounty, bounties also pinpoint high target individuals who must be eliminated. A 10/1 champion is someone who is a threat. A champion who has a lot of CS should not be considered a threat. **Especially in Low Elo** We've all had games where either our team or ourselves have been behind or feeding. Whether it's because of that Fiora who "dumpstered" our lane and we're sitting 0/4. And with the advice of most teams, it's usually, "Play safe under tower/avoid fighting"..or...**farm**. You think to yourself, this is a good idea, Fiora won't get any more fed off of you, you'll just farm. Some time goes by, you're not dying as much but, however, you notice something when you press tab. It's a bounty for 300-500 gold. (Somewhere in between there). The game has now identified you as a high priority target, remember that 4/0 Fiora we fed? She's even more eager to go for you, the 0/4 laner who does no damage, however, has additional gold, while Fiora has all the means to kill you with ease and gain even more gold for your death. The problem Rewarding bounties for having a good amount of farm is not healthy, more so in low elo. Before this, players who fed outrageously were often left alone as one) they did no damage two) were no real threat and three) offered no real gold for the resources used. However, with the new bounty system, no matter how useless one is in the game, they can still be pursued by the enemy team and be rewarded with an easy kill and vast amounts of gold. Where does this leave individuals who fed, do they farm? Do they not farm? Do they farm and somehow try not to die after being behind for so long? Who exactly is being rewarded for farming when behind? The enemy team. Bounties **were a way for your team to "catch back up" to the enemy team** or the enemy laner who was fed by offering a vast amount of gold. Now it seems bounties are another way for the enemy team to remain even further ahead. What brought on this post? I was a Jax vs Fiora, and won't get into what my jungler and I did to her but let's say I was out of the game. Eventually, I was left alone and farmed top lane..finally completing my** first item** to Fiora's third. Eventually, I got a bounty. And within minutes, that bounty was gone, it didn't go to Fiora but to a Lux who came top with Fiora. Needless to say, despite having a bounty, I was no real threat to the enemy team, I was a mere child to them, however I was still an objective that put them even further ahead. This reduces the chance of counterplay when the enemy team keeps climbing the ladder, I propose bounty for CS be completely removed.
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