Idea for a powerful Playmaking item. Bladesnare

Pickaxe (875g) + Brawler's gloves (400g) + Vampiric Scepter (900g) + 525g = Bladesnare (2800g) 35 attack damage 10% lifesteal 25% crit Active: Places a Steadfast Ward. Steadfast Ward has a 3 second arming time. Steadfast Ward has 2 hp. Steadfast Ward can block dashes passing through its area at the cost of 1 hp. Enemies in the Steadfast Ward's area are grounded. Steadfast ward lasts 12 seconds. (60 second cooldown) The idea is a powerful item that rewards the player for predicting fights and preparing themselves a safe area to kite enemies. When placed incorrectly it is quickly destroyed or ignored, but when done correctly allows you to keep foes at bay. -The base stats are invaluable to marksmen who usually get jumped on early in the fight. -Requires you to place the ward 3 seconds before getting jumped. -Placing the ward too soon will allow enemies to wait out the duration. -Ward can easily be destroyed by anyone with ranged attacks. -A great item to build when behind (Low Cost of components and combination)! -Let's you get some damage out in an extremely tough game where your enemy has heavy mobility. Why not give the item stats for mages/supports/tanks? -These champions already have kits that are good for locking down enemies. They don't need more of it. If the item's base stats allowed anyone to build it, then there would be 4-5 of these wards in a single fight. -While you could build the item on someone like Tryndamere or Yi, these champions want their targets in melee range and kill them before the 3 second arming time anyways. So the item couldn't be used to prevent someone's escape very effectively. I personally feel this item would be very useful in solo queue meta, and rewards good players while giving adequate drawbacks that allow the enemy to play around it. This is my reasoning behind the item, but I would love to hear other people's ideas on what the base stats should be, whether or not this item would be oppressive or extremely invaluable in the current meta, and whether or not it would be highly abusable.

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