The Current Problems with Kayn and how to Fix them

So Kayn has been out for over a year now, and has been a pretty popular pick ever since release (and especially now with the new sweet legendary skin for him), but every time I play him I keep getting bothered by how many frustating mechanics this champion has that I honestly thought Riot would've fixed ages ago. So let's get into it: **1. His passive meter to switch form lacks a lot of clarity.** The lack of information you have about your progress to choosing a form is honestly astounding, and probaly the biggest problem when playing Kayn right now. It baffles me that Riot hasn't done anything about this yet. Alright, so features we need for Kayn's passive: * A way to see which form you have progressed most towards * The exact percentage of the meter filled * The ability to ping the ability to communicate our progress with teammates. Alright, let us get into some more gameplay related issues. **2. Kayn is too matchup reliant early game because of the way his passive works.** Getting up against 3 ranged lanes in a game can make any Kayn player's life a living hell. Not only do you lack any good gapclosers to actually reach them, you are directly forced to gank them over and over again just to get a chance of getting your Red Kayn somewhat early. This problem gets worse when you realise that ganks against squshier ranged champions aren't just harder for Kayn to gank, and typically won't help him reach his much needed Rhaast form fast, ganking these lanes will also just give less orbs in general for his passive, since killing them is so much faster, resulting in you getting less attacks in on them, resulting in less orbs. **You will almost always get way more orbs ganking a Maokai than an Quinn for example** - This wouldn't be so much of a problem if Red Kayn wouldn't be the best pick in 90% of games (The 90% is argueable), but that is the current case. My number one way to fix this would be to either: * **Make Shadow Assassin Kayn more reliable and useful** (His burst combo already deals a toxic amount of damage, so probaly best not to increase that. I would even suggest taking damage out of his kit for more tankiness/utility) or * **Rework the Orbs so that there is only one kind of them, and they progress to both transformations instead of only one of them.** This one would also fix the problem when you're only 5% off on your meter to get Rhaast, and you literally have to ignore every enemy ranged champion in the game, until you can get those 2 auto attacks off on their melee champions. I have probaly gotten reported for not touching a lane under any circumstance, just because it had an enemy ranged champion in it. Now for the last one, that some people might not agree entirely with: **3. Kayn has terrible ganks early game, but is forced to gank way harder than most other champions.** Now I think this in most cases is fair enough, every champion needs weaknesses, but it can create some very, very frustrating situations for the person playing Kayn. These situations occur when he is either up against a very early game focused jungler, or all three lanes are all very hard to gank early (especially with the weak ganking power of Kayn early). You can basically end up in a situation where you are so much weaker than the enemy, that you will practically have to suicide over and over again, just to get your transformation and finally be useful. Your teammates will rarely appreciate your light inting though, so prepare to get flamed a lot, when you get pressured into taking bad fights just so you can transform and actually feel useful. This exact one might be a bit tricky, but I still think there are good solutions here: * Make minions/monsters drop very low amounts of orbs. This should make it possible to still achieve your transformation in bad games without soft inting. Ganking/fighting should of course still be rewarded, and I don't think an afk farm Kayn should get his transformation before around 18 minutes, just make it possible. This will also fix the situations where you need like 2% to fill your meter, so you towerdive a full health Sion just to take 10% off his hp pool so you can back to base and finally get your transformation. (Happens more often than you think, at least for me) Alright, that is everything for me, I really hope Riot does something to reduce the frustrations you get when you play this champion. I really like playing him in general, but god damn can he feel awful. EDIT: Tried to make the formatting a bit less painful TLDR; fix Kayn's goddamn passive thx rito
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