Balance: An idea on how scaleable items can help

So Balance and Meta have always been a hot topic of discussion in the community. One of the biggest changes we have seen recently is the ADC role, where critics based ADCs have been swapped out in favor of on hit ADC due to the cheaper scaling of the latter. As of right now Crit ADC take a long time to get going and if they fall behind, have almost no impact on the game whatsoever. I have an idea that could solve this issue and give critical builds the late game scaling they want, without sacrificing their early game to the point of almost uselessness. My Idea: Item scaling with unlock able stats (think Kai'sa) Example: Lets take Infinity Edge Stats: Cost: 3400 AD: 70 Unique Passive: Doubles Crit Strike Chance Unique Passive: 10% of crit damage is converted to True Damage Lets say this is the first item an ADC decides to build. In order to control scaling and allow the ADC to gain some power but not get a huge power spike because of one item, I've added in scaling by threshold. First item IE: Cost: 3400 AD: 70 Unique Passive: +15% Crit Chance (upgrades to double Crit Strike Chance when player gains 20% critics from other items) Unique Passive: 5% converted to true damage (upgrades to 10% crit damage converted to true damage when player gains 100 bonus AD) This does a few things, it allows a small power bump to the player. But also allows the player to scale into late game like they were able to in the past. This also makes rushing IE not feel so bad as a first item. Granted we do have Stormrazer right now, however I feel like its a bad bandaid solution and we find all non on-hit ADC building that as a first item which takes away from different build paths. Now this is just an idea and this could be applied to more items than just infinity edge. Fed players would still dominate as normal as they would be able to hit those thresholds faster than a non-fed player. This system would work similar to the current lethality system however it would be based on stats (like kai'sa) rather than level or game time. Thoughts?
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