Support gold gen items, and how they can be improved.

Right now, only {{item:3097}} (Targon's Brace) is "worth" fully upgrading to {{item:3401}} (Remnant of the Aspect). The {{item:1028}} (Ruby Crystal) component melds perfectly with the fact that it's an HP item, and the final upgrade further improved the passive aspect by increasing the charges from three to four, increased the last hit thresh hold, and boosting the base heal from 40 to 50. {{item:3096}} (Nomad's Medallion) and {{item:3098}} (Frostfang) do not share this advantage. Not only do they still need a {{item:1028}} to upgrade, which does nothing for mages or enchanters who will probably want early AP to help them scale, but upgrading from T2 to T3 does nothing to improve their gold generation passives in any way. Further more, all three items are extremely slot inefficient in what they offer to the holder. Were it not for the wards I would happily sell all three of these items in a heart beat once at max build to make room for a better item. This results in people buying the items because they "must", rather than because they "want" to. Right now the final upgrades are exactly 100% gold efficient for {{item:3401}} and {{item:3092}} (Remnant of the Watcher) with {{item:3401}} being better after you utilize the healing charges, while {{item:3069}} (Remnant of the Ascended) is a wimpy 86% gold efficient. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- But Done25, how do you make these potentially very power items worth having, without them being poached by other lanes? By focusing on what makes them useful to actual real support players. {{item:3401}} : Leave focus on the healing charges for power. This keeps it weak in the hands of solo laners, but makes sure that actual supports, who are usually with at least one other person, will stay strong. {{item:3092}} : Push more stats into the mana regen. Almost every intended user of this item, such as Lux, Morgana, Karma, and Lulu, will at some point purchase an Unholy Grail. By putting power into the mana regen you lock this item away from junglers like Eve or mages in mid. Most of whom wont want to build Unholy Grail because they can't use its full effects. {{item:3069}} : Give this item +Healing. Additionally, I would recommend changing the +move speed on this item line to "Out of combat" type in exchange for increasing the speed. This allows supports like Janna and Soraka to roam and ward, but prevents them from being too slippery in actual fights. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Listed below are examples of what I believe would be a good state for the rebuffed gold gen items. Please take current values with a grain of salt. {{item:3401}} : {{item:3097}} + {{item:3067}} (Kindlegem). Total cost is 2250 for 600 HP, 10% CDR, and 200% base HP regen. The healing portion of the passive is buffed in some manner. {{item:3092}} : {{item:3098}} + {{item:3108}} (Fiendish Codex) . Total cost is 2300 for 60 AP, 10% CDR, and 100% base mana regen. (10% CDR on Frostfang would be converted into other stats.) {{item:3069}} : {{item:3096}} + Forbidden Idol {{item:3114}} . Total cost is 2000 for +40 OoC move speed, +15% heal power, +10% CDR. (HP regen removed from Nomad in favor of the increased OoC move speed and of a lower, more efficient, item cost.) ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Additionally, {{item:3092}} and {{item:3069}} should have their gold gen passives increased to make supports feel better about finishing their item early on, rather than skipping out on T3 in exchange for finishing the much more useful Ardent or Unholy Grail first. {{item:3092}} : Holds up to 4 charges. Charge damage increased to 25. {{item:3096}} : Enemy champion take downs will now result in the drop of either a gold or mana coin as if they were a cannon minion. Coin pick up range is 200 units for T1, 400 units for T2, and 800 units for T3. Thank you for your time, please leave your feed back below. :)
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