Crit Rework

#Goals * Eliminate RNG - This has been a pain point for a long time, particularly in previous metas where Infinity Edge was built as a first item and a random crit could decide who won a trade. League of Legends players do not like random chance to heavily interfere with their plays. Riot seems to feel the same way, they designed an item with no random crits for crit champions to buy as their first item. * Keep the system simple, easy to understand, and focused on empowering basic attacks. * Increase item diversity, and balance the items so that you have a choice between building 1, 2, or more crit items to maximize damage. I don't want a return to almost every ADC rushing 3 crit items. * Support existing champions designed with crit chance inside of their own kit. --- #Introduction In my new system, **crit chance is simply a multiplier of the damage of your basic attacks.** * 0% critical strike = 100% AD scaling on autos * 50% crit = 150% scaling * 100% crit = 200% scaling * 150% crit = 250% scaling I'm keeping the critical strike capped at 150%, effectively the same damage as 100% crit chance with the old Infinity edge - 250% AD on every attack. Although it could be lowered to something like 120% or 100% if crit-stacking becomes too strong. --- #Items * In general, crit values on items would be the same as before. Mathematically, the damage you get per 1% crit is unchanged. * Infinity Edge: The passive (that doubles your crit chance) is overpowered without the 100% crit limit. So I'm reverting it to simply having 20% crit chance instead. I don't want it to be "the Deathcap of Crit" like before, because crit itself is already a multiplier stat, and I don't want it to become an essential item for crit builds again. The passive that gives you true damage on critical strikes will instead do true damage on every attack. Also, I'm bringing back Agility Cloak and adding it to IE's recipe. * Statikk Shiv proc damage scales with your crit. * Essence Reaver reverts to its pre-8.11 version. * Stormrazor: Works more or less the same way as it does now. * New Item: Combine Long Sword and Brawler's Glove to make an item with AD and critical strike. We'll call it Hatchet for now. * New Item: Combine Sheen and Hatchet to create a sheen item that deals (100% + 1.5x your crit strike) of your AD on your next basic attack after casting a spell. * New Item: Combine Tiamat and Agility Cloak to create a hydra item that grants attack speed, crit chance, and the splash damage benefits from crit. (I've tested the Hydra items and their splash damage does not do this) * New Item: Combine Zeal and Pickaxe to make an item that deals double your crit strike on every 3rd attack. Caps at 150 or 200% crit strike, something above the normal cap. * New Item: Combine Hatchet and Cutlass to make an item that combines crit and lifesteal, with an active effect dealing damage equal to 25% of your AD and benefits with crit strike. All the new items will be tuned to scale with crit strike, but still be good standalone items if you decide not to buy additional crit strike. --- #Champions * Fiora's guaranteed crit right now does 160-200% damage on one attack, in this system it really wouldn't be any different. * Tryndamere and Yasuo's passives wouldn't need any changes. * Jhin's 4th shots, Pantheon's finishing attack, and Shaco's backstab are all coded as crits. In this system, the only difference would be how the tooltips are written - Jhin does 200% damage on his 4th shot, Pantheon does 200% damage on his execute, and Shaco's backstab does 130% damage to champions. * Any spell or ability that had a chance of critting, now simply has a static damage multiplier in its place. For example, Gangplank's Parrley (Q) would deal 130% of his AD every time if he had 30% critical strike. Gankgplank in the current system is the best example of a champion that can destroy teams or just chunk them depending on whether he gets a crit or not. * I would like crit to be used by a wider variety of champions, not just ADCs and a handful of melees. So I would put crit ratios (large or small) on Trundle's Q, Ezreal's Q, Irelia's Q, Vi's E, Jax's W, etc. Champions that rely a lot on their basic attacks. --- Any thoughts you would like to add? Problems with this system? Other ideas for new items?
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