Ally Minion Block Should Be Removed

First off I want to start by saying, I don't know what happened in the last few season but minion block has gotten out of control. Before, you just pathed kind of weird but you would move around minions. Now you just glitch back and forth or spin around or you are stuck in walk animation but not moving. Also I want to be clear, I am going to use the word "mobility" a lot, I am referring to Dashes, Flashes, and Leaps. Certain champs have MS boosts, which is mobility, however they are still effected by minion block. Minion block used to be an actual mechanic to be aware of in lane, certain champions and items even had built in-mechanics to deal with it. Now with mobility creep, only a few low mobility champions are really impacted by it. With the unknown changes to how you path around minions causing you to be essentially stuck in a broken animation, it is just straight up a disadvantage to anyone without mobility. This is even more a problem on champions that summon pets, like Yorick. The other day I summoned Maiden and had 3 ghouls, I landed an E on an enemy who then flashed over a wall and out of vision while I was attacking them. Since they no longer had a target they began attacking the minions that had aggro'd to me. This pinned me against a wall for about 6 seconds until I could throw my E at my opponent again and force them to move. I was literally stuck with no way to move, I clicked frantically and nothing was working. This was about 6 seconds of not being able to move, if my opponent was a ranged champion I would have been dead for free due to a broken mechanic. Speaking of, this mechanic clearly favors Ranged champions over Melee champions in an already skewed match-up. Ranged champions don't have to deal with this problem since they don't need to run through 2 waves of minions to engage. Even if they do get minion blocked, they can still Auto-attack from a distance which makes it less of a problem. --- So the solution in my opinion should be to remove Ally Minion Block. **Should We Remove All Minion Block?** No. Enemy minion block should stay, you should have to consider this before blindly charging into your enemy. While this still favors Ranged over Melee in a Ranged vs Melee lane, it is a valuable safety measure in the Bot lane where it is a 2v2 sometimes 3v2. **Won't This Just Make Ranged vs Melee Lanes Worse?** Yes, by itself it would make this match-up a lot worse. In order to counter-act this, minion aggro would need to be changed for Ranged champions. Personally I think it is a bit unfair that Ranged champions can poke then back off a few steps to break aggro without actually being in any danger of losing CS or EXp. Meanwhile Melee Champions can't get anywhere near the wave. So I have 2 proposed changes that may balance this out: * Ranged Minions have increased range against Ranged Champions. No change to Melee Minions as increasing their aggro range may allow too much lane manipulation by Ranged Champions. Obviously breaking sight/vision would stop aggro as it does now. * A stacking damage buff to minions, every time a Ranged Champion gains and loses aggro minions will gain a temporary boost to damage. This would stack up to say 10 times and stacks would fall off after a few seconds, like lets say 3-5 seconds. Potential issues? Well this could drastically effect Bot Lane where there is generally 2-3 Ranged champs and 1-2 Melee champs. It may or may not be a problem, I am a bit unsure on it so I don't really have a suggestion on it. Open to suggestions/discussion. **Why Not Just Push the Minions Out of the Way?** I believe this would become a problem of lane manipulation, you would be able to push your minions to have an advantage in the first couple waves. In order to not have a disadvantage, the other person would need to do it too. Then it becomes a necessity for both teams to do it. It would be easier to just remove ally minion block entirely and have both teams start off on equal ground. **What About Champions That Have the Ability to Ignore Unit Collision?** They still get to ignore enemy minion block so I don't see a problem here. **What Happens to Ally Pets?** I think Unit Collision with ally pets should be removed, but there would obviously be no change to their aggro. They would retain any collision they have with each other, minions, enemy champions, or other pets. This would only affect Ally Champions. --- Frankly I just don't see a point in ally minion block, I never did to be honest but at least before it wasn't as broken as it is now. It doesn't happen often enough to be a huge problem, but when it does happen it is tragic and feels bad. This is one of those situations where you are fighting against the mechanics of the game, which is usually a sign that something isn't working properly. What are you thoughts on it? I am open to suggestions. **EDIT:** Getting a lot of comments on this and I just can't respond to them all. A lot of people who disagree are mentioning very specific circumstances where no ally minion block would be an issue for balance. I just want to say that 90% of these comments, those issues already exist in game. There is nothing stopping you from sitting in your minions, as I said in the above post, minion block is only a huge problem in situations where your pathing causes you to get stuck. Otherwise you rarely have issue running through minions, other than odd pathing every once in awhile. Sitting in your minions is a valid strategy that exists in the game right now, specially against skillshot reliant opponents. 9 out of 10 times you run through your minions with no problem or even acknowledging that unit collision exists, but that 1 out of 10 times you are stuck for no reason and die because a broken buggy game mechanic. It is only 1 out of 10 times, but thats enough for me that it needs to be removed. I mean i doubt majority of the player base would even notice if it was gone. I don't quite understand the issue some are having of an enemy bully, such as Darius, sitting in his minions and getting free harass on you everytime you go to farm... that already happens... This would only make it easier for you to go in towards CS and out through your minions. Yes, it would allow Darius to do the same through his minions, but generally Darius is standing between you and your CS. Most lane bullies will, so i am not sure how that relates to my post. Standing on Minions to block CS with a large champion is another matter though. I agree this may be a problem, however this is one of those "see how it plays out" situations. It may be worth blocking 1-2 minions every wave or you take a crap ton of free damage from the enemy while they try to CS. Cho'gath and Sion can already do this and I don't see too many people complaining about it.
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