Teemo should have a Nearsight instead of a Blind

Teemo's Blind has always been tough to balance. Depending on who he's up against, the Blind is either oppressive (i.e. against {{champion:23}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:240}} ) or it doesn't do anything (i.e. against {{champion:127}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:27}} ). This extends beyond just the laning phase, as Teemo becomes weak if he has to teamfight against multiple ability-users rather than against multiple auto-attackers. It also tends to be inconsistent; for instance, I've heard that it doesn't work against Illaoi's W when she uses it to dash, and that it can stop Azir from ordering his Sand Soldiers to attack. No other Champion in the game has Blind anymore (removed from Quinn), and Irelia's Disarm seems to be a better version of the CC that works more consistently. This leads me to believe that Riot doesn't like the Blind CC, and probably wish to do away with it. Now, for the purposes of the topic, imagine that Teemo's Blind was replaced with a Nearsight effect (and that his Q's numbers were adjusted to compensate). Nearsight on Teemo would greatly improve his consistency against varied opponents. Against a Ryze, for instance, he'd be able to stop Ryze from directly targeting him with his spells, but wouldn't be able to totally shut down a Tryndamere anymore. Nearsight would also give Teemo a big boost to his tactics. Here are a few examples of how a Teemo could use Nearsight. - Teemo could stand near the brush in top lane, tag his opponent with Nearsight, and then duck into one of the brushes to activate his passive, making it hard to find him. - Teemo could bait his enemy into playing aggressively against him, then Nearsight his lane opponent as his team's jungler approaches, causing his opponent to overextend and die from being ganked. - Teemo could Nearsight his enemy and then throw down a mushroom while his enemy can't see. Then he could bait his enemy into said mushroom. To make it work, I'd change Teemo's Q to a skillshot rather than a direct-target spell, as direct-target Nearsight would be obnoxious. As a skillshot, it'd allow for an increase in range, allowing Teemo to poke divers from outside their engage range, since Teemo's Q won't Blind them anymore. Nearsight would be a significant change for Teemo, but one I feel would be a good change to make him far more sneaky and less of a strict counterpick or trollpick. #This is all theoretical, so don't freak out.

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