Suggestion on how to make Neeko more fair

Im sure I am not the only one who thinks Neeko's ultimate is a slightly too simple way of dealing massive damage without much risk or planning. How about lowering the standard damage of Pop Blossom but give it increased damage depending on the following combo: **If Neeko is still in the form of an ally champion, the damage of Pop Blossom is increased by [insert appropriate amount]. If Neeko has recently been returned to her own form, the damage bonus will decrease over the course of a few seconds.** This way, skilled Neeko players will have to find creative ways to stay undamaged while still trying to keep close to the enemy. The effect will also give "Shapesplitter" new potential when you can use it to not only escape, but also increase your chance to land your ultimate with the increased damage. Any thoughts? Maybe the effect could even cover Neeko's other damaging abilities as well, with sensible ratios for each ability. My intention was however to increase the appeal of Neeko's juke potential and make her huge damage more conditional so both the Neeko player and their opponents can play around it.
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