Remove Lost Chapter Passive, Reduce Cost

The Lost Chapter would be a healthier item without its on-level-up missing-mana regeneration passive. Before the mage item rework, it enabled mages to recall early and then passively waveclear, inhibiting aggression both in the middle and, through the roaming this waveclear enabled, side lanes. The rework increased the Lost Chapter’s price to delay its purchase and, were the mage forced to base, effectively prevent its passive from being used in lane. Unfortunately, the Lost Chapter is also the first large purchase of any squishy mage, and the rework only increased its powerspike by raising its Ability Power and adding 10% Cooldown Reduction. Whereas their opponents can recall for a 1,100 gold Catalyst of Aeons, Serrated Dirk, or Hextech Revolver and return with full health and mana. Mages can then be zoned off minions, forced to recall, or even killed despite having otherwise played their lane well. This inherent disadvantage and its potential consequences are both frustrating and have reduced the presence of Chapter-rushing champions in the midlane meta. For reference, only 3 of the current top 15 champions generally rush it. If the only way to keep the Lost Chapter passive from letting waveclear dominate Midlane is to make it unaffordable, then we should just remove the passive and cheapen the item accordingly. I propose a 200 gold cost reduction, to 1,100 gold, which is standard for the other midlane first items I mentioned. With this reduction and the removal of the passive, we could both guarantee that the waveclear meta never returns and equalize the first goal that mages and their opponents must reach. Edit: I propose the following recipie and stats. 30 AP 300 Mana _Unique Passive: Haste_ {{item:1052}} + {{item:1027}} + 315
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