Should Kalista and/or Master Yi [damage types] be changed?

Kalista could potentially have true damage on her W. Or if you think Master Yi is fine, on her E, maybe? Master Yi currently has true damage in his kit. A lot of it, especially with {{item:3124}} in his inventory. Meanwhile, Kalista is doing physical damage with her E which gets boosted by {{item:3124}} when she has it. Kalista, a champion with zero AP scaling, is awkwardly holding magic damage in her kit. There is precedence for this. Zed is another champion with no AP scaling which also has magic damage in his kit(it's his passive in case you're wondering where). There are more like that IIRC, but this is about Kalista and Master Yi, not Zed or other champions. So, what do you guys think would happen if Master Yi's true damage got changed to magic damage? Or if Kalista's magic damage got changed to true damage? A lot of people think Kalista is bad. Would they like her more if she had true damage? I'm not sure. I know that as Master Yi's opponent, I would like him a lot more if he wasn't dealing true damage. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} I would argue that {{item:3124}} working with true damage is toxic and should be removed from the game. I'm neutral about Kalista's magic damage being changed to true personally, although I'm against the idea of changing her physical damage on E to true, and I'm feeling strongly that Master Yi should be changed. But what does everyone else think? Do you think just one of them should be changed, or both, or neither?
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