I've given it long enough: I don't understand the hate for Akali

Like, she's almost everything the boards will ever want from an assassin, let alone a rework from the insanely flawed design she had before. - She can actually be peeled. Getting rid of old Akali was like trying to lose your own shadow. - Counter-play is heavily apparent in just about every part of her kit. Her passive and Q can be out-ranged. Her W can be walked away from. Her E can be side-stepped. If she tower dives with W, you can just hit her with your hard cc (most every mid laner has SOMETHING to hit her with when she's untargetable). - She has less overall mobility than she used to. It's more free-form now, but her overall ability to fly in, re-fly in, and re-fly in one more time and murder someone, only to re-fly to someone else, is greatly reduced. - As long as she isn't fed too hard, her burst pattern is significantly slower than just about any other assassin in the game, save Pyke. - Her difficulty curve makes sure that you have to be *pretty dang good* at this champ before she's actually a threat. Her low elo win rates are through the floor, while her higher elo win rates aren't offensive for solo queue (they reach to like 50% or so in Diamond on lolalytics, give or take 1%). - She's actually able to be played in pro games, where most assassins that aren't 1-shot machines don't get play. So we can say things like "But her shroud's annoying" or "she beat me last game and I just don't like that", but if we're saying Akali's some horrible design that should have never been made... ...then what assassin ISN'T? {{champion:7}}: EXTREMELY little in the way of counter-play. The most time you have to react to her is the time she takes to finish her dash. If she isn't hard-cc'd she can just poof away. {{champion:35}}: His whole play pattern is "Be invisible. Get behind them. AA + E + Ignite + Dark Harvest. Bam I'm amazing". Annoying little shit with invisibility (not camouflage, but invisibility) and a blink on the same ability, so if he isn't hard cc'd, he's long gone. Also, activating his ult just lets him avoid damage for free. {{champion:107}}: This dude's bullshit, along with LeBLanc, was the poster boy of the assassin rework in the first place. Also, what type of assassin design doesn't have *a way out* of fights? He's practically a fighter. {{champion:55}}: Absolutely useless beyond solo queue stomping because her ult's so bad. I'm sorry, but it's the truth. If Riot wants her to spin and throw knives, find another way to do it besides making an assassin *spin in place with an aoe dps ability.* The dagger game play is already pretty easy to play around, but the ult being as easy to stuff as it's always been makes it so there's always going to be a point where Katarina's basically just training wheels when you can pick some other assassin. {{champion:555}}: Only reason people mildly accept this champion is because he's a support so he isn't designed to run you over for as long as other assassins can. I guarantee that people are that shallow. {{champion:105}}: The dude's "Chum then bum (rush)" game play, combined with his E just nullifying incoming damage with little effort, has struggled to find a sweet spot to rest on for years. Either he doesn't even need his whole kit to bum (rush) you, or he's the one getting bum (rushed) throughout the entire laning phase. Dude's 1-5 is insanely weak, and the spike at level 6 is extremely polarized in comparison. Honestly, if you ask me, if his level 6 was LESS deadly, you could use it as justification to make his 1-5 less pathetic, because it's fucking pathetic and is the reason his level 6 has such a a sharp spike. {{champion:76}}: Either runs the whole jungle by herself or stays by herself while the rest of the roster gets to have fun. Idk what Riot's gonna do about this champ. {{champion:238}}: People hate him, but let's be honest when I say that nearly any mage can just build the counter-play to Zed. Hell, any ap scaling champ *period* can build the counter-play to this champ. His ult takes so long to drop that, along with the teleport lock out, what is this champ supposed to accomplish, again? Like, once you realize "Oh yeah, he's gonna appear right behind me", you just walk under turret and cc him. Now HE dies for ulting you since his ult has such a big notice before it goes off. We can run down the list all night, but the point is that Akali's design manages to avoid ALL these pitfalls. She doesn't operate on polarizing one shots (unless she's fed since any damage champ will 1-shot when fed so don't bring it up), she has an appreciable and rewarding skill curve, she doesn't just give away everything about what she's doing before doing it, she isn't a confused fighter, and she isn't just a "solo queue" design. Like, what more COULD you want from an assassin design? Sure, her numbers are always up for tuning, but the core foundation of the design seems more than sound. It seems like what Riot was aiming for with Evelynn's design, Zed's design, and the assassin rework as a whole...but people still complain. I don't get it. So what *do* people want? Is there an assassin design that embodies "proper" assassin mechanics in the game? I've resided on these boards for a few years, so given the complaints I've seen about assassins, I don't see how people don't see the good that came out of Akali's kit. If you see something I don't, tell me.

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