New Reporting System To Be Lightened!

SIck of these people banning accounts for saying two stupid words in a game toward your teammates. this is what needs to happen RIOT ..... you will create a NEW default everyone's muted already when game starts and IF anyone wants to UNMUTE players a "Chat at own risk" message will pop up so you guys done get sue'd or little boy's mommy's don't come after you. whats that ? thats dumb to mute all players in game or why? hmm geez well since season 4 all you player support feedbackers say "best thing for you to do is just mute all the people when you get in game" which is the stupiest thing in the world when you are playing a 5v5 competitive game on the internet. no communication is what you want. As well as no one to get mad just have a happy day ole day. Once this Option is enabled this is what you will do next Riot. You will change the reporting system to AFK FEEDING and Rascist/homo thing whatever ... or cheating.... thats it. you will no longer need to ban 30 million accounts a week because of some guy trying to play your game trying to communicate to others on his team using CAPS and the other little kids report him because they say hes toxic and screaming at them like his mom. some guy afking on a team or feeding...... like once every 10 or 13 games.... and i get reported for telling other team to report him and mine. you know what im talking about. everyone knows. because i even talked and asked a simple question thats what you RIOT have turned this community into. cool thanks RIOT i'll be expecting the BIG CHANGE soon.... happy easter feliz navidad. BIG CREAM OUT
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