Twisted Treeline needs a rework

So... i like playing 3v3, and i am one of the few, i know that. Playing 3v3 especially flex 3v3 is almost everytime stressful. one problem is that just a small group of people play this mode. [My league of graphs]( As u can see, i am gold 4 0 lp this makes me one of the top 16% players in EUW (close to 48k better players than me) (yes i am from europe, posting in NA) while i am in SoloQ Gold 5 0 lp and under the top 38% (more than a million better players than me) this leads me to the conclusion that literally no one plays 3v3. ------------------------------------------------------ **lets do some math!** for euw **3v3 = 47.908** (my position) multiplicated with 100 and divided by 16 = 299425 ranked players in 3v3 **5v5 = 1.080.736 x 100 / 38 = 2.844.042** for the whole league community **3v3 = 839.494** **5v5 = 17.671.555** (btw only 16% of all ranked players worldwide plays 3v3 ranked) therefore, the matchmaking in 3v3 is awful bad, i played so many times, with or against challenger, masters or diamonds or had bronze players which maked it incredible easy to win or very fast ending for us and as u can see, there is something that have to change, so three versus three gets attractive again for more people to play. maybe rework the map (it is for 5? years the same map, i think it got reworked one time) remove the ranked queue, since not even 30% plays it give better xp, mastery points or i dunno place Urf in the middle dancing the whole game over maybe u guys have an idea how to make the situation better
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