For God's sake can we not lose full LP when losing just because our team mate is afk??

This is not fair when you win your lane hard but also your midlaner kinda losing but overall is very winnable but suddenly your jungler for example goes afk. Even tho you keep getting kills in the end it s just impossible to win just because of numbers. You can t 1v9 anymore since RIOT likes this garbage meta, but can we at least lose like 7 LP instead of 17/20? This is not fair for whole team suffer cause of one guy especially in this team reliant meta which ruined solo Q completely. I know already that our team mate will never ever be punished for afking they only get punished sometimes for flaming but NEVER for leaving/afk. Just allow us to lose a small amount of LP like 5/7 LP otherwise it s just ridiculous.
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