Riot claims they want to promote fun interactions. Then why are they doing THE OPPOSITE

Hey everybody how's it going? Over the past 3 or so years Riot has made increasing numbers of champions with kits so overloaded and unhealthy for the game. Now several champions before that were considered to have unfun kits, such as Diana, Yasuo, fuck even old Katarina had a pretty unhealthy kit if you've been around for a bit and remember that. One example I want to use for this entire thing is Akali. Now it's no secret that Akali is one of the worst designed reworks in the entire game, has a kit that is aids to fight with her hyper mobility and her stickiness in catching people out. But I also wanna touch on pre-rework Akali. If you remember pre rework Akali her kit was similar to Diana where in a way she could Dash with R and even if she was 1-5 she had crazy scaling that made her kit really annoying to play against, but not necessarily impossible, it had SOME counterplay(take that as it may be). For reference about where I'm going next here's a screenshot from last years January Riot plz of Akali's rework and their agendas for the rework. In this they claim that she had a hard time laning against most modern champions in the middle lane. Which is true, the Akali had to basically hit level 6 before she was really a champion, she also needed a gunblade to really hit that spike. What really bothers me is how they did this. Akali now is able to do all of this a bit too well, even with the nerfs that were hit with her every fucking patch. Many agree that pre rework Akali's kit wasn't super fun to play against after she really came online, similar to Diana she would Q and then R you and take away half your hp in one blow. Yes that's not fun, and even though they don't mention it in the rework roadmap, Riot knew this fact for sure as she was an old ass champion. Making a champion more fun to play against and making the champ more interactive in lane phase is what makes a good rework. And Riot...did none of this(and this goes for pretty much all reworks with the exception of Swain and like 1/2 of Nunu). Akali when she was released became so uninteractive even the turrets didnt want to hit her. She healed from a very low cd ability, she could dash away if ganked, she had an execute, and also a stun, she had insane scaling AND STILL DOES. The problem is while a majority of what I listed(The stun, the healing and the obscurance) has been removed in the past year shes been out, shes still unfun to fight. My favorite reworks are Sion and Warwick. You know why? Because they're fun in the right hands but have counterplay. Warwick has to snowball early game to stay more relevant late otherwise he just becomes a meat shield that gets bursted down in fights if he's unwise with his ulti. Sion is super fun to trade against and even when I lose against him I still had fun. All these new champs and reworks at their core are unfun in their design with their incredible damage. You ever noticed how the champions that have come out in the past 2 years have been complained about the most? Pyke, Kaisa. Akali, Aatrox, Irelia, and A little bit of Sylas. All those champions are talked more than most on these boards and for good reason. Because they offer little counterplay, interaction, and fun.
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