Why is this game so tilting

Honestly like this game is so tilting, I can play any other game for hours and hours and not get tilted but with league I can play one game and just get so mad with how poor the system is. Either a fellow "teammate: or just some bull shit in this game just tilts me. Like if a teammate is annoying the fuck out of me why can't I say fuck you without getting banned or some bull shit like that. Honestly this game is just slowly and slowly going down and it will eventually and I am hoping that day comes sooner than I hope it to be. After every update they just find a way to make the game even worse than it already is. I don't know what is more tilting though the community or the game itself because both are pretty bad. Also feels like riot doesn't listen to the community one bit and they don't know what they are doing at this point they are just rolling a dice and seeing what falls into place and that is whats going to be there downfall.
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