Stop blaming your junglers for your deaths or you doing bad

I admit it I'm no that great however I have some decent games where I absolutely dominate. During this one game I had a leblanc basically trash talk me and all chatted report vi. This game I went 10/0. I admit I didn't gank fizz a lot but thats because he has a literal anti vi gank mechanic. as well as we wasn't pushed up far enough. However after awhile in the game i ended up really destroying him. I just want to put out there before blaming jungle keep in mind That they have to be pretty decently pushed up as well as knowing if you can actually win that gank at the moment. either way I didn't insult her however i did respond. she said stuff like report vi quit being a child blah blah general toxic stuff. I said "Im being the child? not the one blaming the jungler and reporting the 4/0 vi who hasn't said anything all game until now? not exact words but along those lines My point is just try not to blame junglers because they haven't done often ganks sometimes there really just isn't much chance to. Signed Vimaid Please give vi maid skin{{sticker:sg-ahri-2}} {{sticker:sg-jinx}}
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