Officially Boycotting Riot Games

Female here, hi. One of those people your disgusting employee called a "manbaby." I don't agree with the way this whole fiasco has been handled. I'm angry that not only did you patronize me with the PAX workshop but now you're allowing some sexist individual to remain at your company after he openly bad mouthed your community. Here is me putting my foot down. Until there is a real official statement from Riot games that includes an apology for these gross missteps along with some kind of punishment for the individual who felt the need to go on social media and "stir the pot" with their unwelcomed and, again, absolutely patronizing views, I will not be playing League. I will not be buying skins. I will not be viewing your esports or purchasing your merch. I will actively encourage others to do the same. Because I dont need help getting jobs and I dont need a "safe place" away from men. To be completely honest, anyone who says they need that kind of treatment on order to apply for a job or to break into an industry is not mentally stable or mature enough to have a job in the first place; I dont know what they planned to do their first day when they realized they'd have to work with men. And I definitely dont need a white knight in shining armor to come in and defend *my* rights and to help victimize me when I have never been a victim of anything on my life. I definitely dont appreciate individual employees calling me names for not agree with the actions of a company I put money into. So here is me calling a spade a spade: Riot games decided to marginalize the majority of their player base with a sexist, anti male event. And then when people were understandably upset, their employees went on an unprofessional, childish tirade on social media that called the community garbage and made sweeping generalizations about the individuals who were upset over it. And then had the gall to not only allow said employee to remain after he insulted customers but began censoring reddit, congratulated him in private, and has seemingly decided they dont need to make a comment at all, letting their silence now stretch for three days. Here's some advice: bad things dont just go away because you ignore them and destroy the evidence. My boycott starts officially now. I encourage others to do the same but I especially encourage minorities to. Please, speak up and let Riot know that you dont need this kind of patronizing behavior and that you're just as capable and able to defend your own stances with out them. EDIT: Four days. No League. Please, I implore others to do the same if you can. I know the game is addicting but there have been some great substitute games listed in the comments. :) Many people have been saying they are moving to Dota 2. I know I've been playing Monster Hunter World and am up for doing some fun hunts with people or helping with story quests. <3 Someone else suggest Vainglory which is a mobile moba; might be worth checking out. Theres also Battlerite; I personally wasnt a huge fan but it's cute and has cute champs. Heroes of the Storm is also available and kind of cool; not a fan of many of blizzards characters but it's pretty interesting. Overwatch and Fortnite are also available and I want to try the free trial of FF14; have not been into a MMO in a long time. Are there any DnD players? Roll20 is pretty cool.
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