Eve: An Immature sarcastic clown ..?

Eve is supposed to be mature and serious and like .. a master of her craft. She's supposed to be silent and packed with mystery, so I don't get why she comments on so many other champs like an angry edgy 13 year old girl on facebook (Riot did this to lux too sigh) . For example, her quote to Ahri "skank" is so out of her character..? Like Eve shouldn't be commenting on others - she lets her actions do the talking, and others should be commenting on her, like Jax calling her a predator or whatever. Her voice is generic now too and yea she really lost her "mysterious aspect" and makes too many sarcastic jokes now, which btw, is Vi and Lux's job. Eve has a quote now that's something like "Oh no, please stop hurting me!" Isn't that a Vi quote ..? Geez .. please bring the mystery back .. Eve is not a raging 13 year old sassy girl like Lux, Ahri, etc (These are just my thoughts, tell me if you agree !! )
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