Limited tokens & pass take away the fun

I'm sure I can't be the only one. I'm not extremely bothered as I simply don't have to spend my money, but If this becomes a regualr thing im somewhat indifferent. I used to actually enjoy the missions, because I knew (even if it was small) a nice reward would come with it (capsules or keys). Now everything is about tokens and having the pass. The _**tokens are practically useless**_ without the pass because they give you scraps and only that. You won't find yourself getting anything better than an icon, or forging keys. If you're lucky you might hardly reach getting a ward. If this is how riot plans to do events from now on, I have 0 interest in bothering with the missions (and i guess the event overall). It's not fun and takes away the excitement of an event. I definitely won't waste money on a pass for lame golden chromas and borders. To each their own.
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