Riots policy on Banning accounts needs to be looked at

I just saw a post which has really made me think deeper about something I have said before on the boards I have kept saying it for a long time, Here is the thread [(] . Riot having the ability to suspend accounts without compensating purchases allows them to get away with this. I am not even saying giving a full refund for RP bought and so on, but even a 25% return would cause Riot to actually get their shit together if they had to reimburse for some expenses on the game. People defend riot and it takes something like this to see how unfair their methods are. If we cannot get reimbursed for expenses then you should not be allowed to outright ban our accounts. I have never had a ban, a chat restriction, or anything like that but its a situation like this that scares me that it could happen and not even be your fault. This may be downvoted but either way the company should always refund as it would make them actually take initiative in protecting accounts and defending against 3rd party software. Instead they are worried about prestige skins and other irrelevant things in a game that seem like cash grabs to milk as much money out of you as possible. I know that this is probably very exaggerated, but it still doesn't change my stance on the original issue where apparently you don't even have to provide evidence on why your account was banned and that is not right.
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