Is saying "ch1ng ch0ng" racist? (poll)

Now lemme give you some context, I'm playing a ranked game(low plat) and there is this asian duo talking a lot of trash on our team in all chat. Mid game they decide to start throwing/trolling by afking bot lane and not grouping etc because I guess our team is too trash. They start talking in some asian language and I say in chat "great, now they are speaking in ch1ng ch0ng instead of english gg". Now you may be thinking, that was offensive. Yeah I agree, but I dont know which language they were speaking so i generalized it to ch1ng ch0ng. Is it offensive? Yes. Is it Racist? Helll no. You can probably see where this is going, yes I got suspended. But oh no, it was not a chat restriction, it was a 2 week ban from the game. Is rito really this pathetic? Can you really say the most disgusting hurtful thing possible to someone and all they get is a chat restriction but if someone says "ch1ng ch0ng" you get 2 week ban because its racist? Now I sit here with nothing to do. What do I even do with my life now for 2 weeks{{item:3070}} ? Thank you for listening to my story, I hope no asians were offended. ((and yes this is an alt account))
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