What's The Attraction To Ahri?

I don't understand the huge fan base around Ahri. Aside from being physically attractive, which seems to be the number one reason why anybody likes her, I never understood why she has this huge fandom. In the earlier lore, she was kind of an empty character, just sorta there, not really doing anything. It wasn't perfect, but she had just enough character to actually work with. Now in the new lore, no hate I actually enjoyed reading it, I feel that they tried a little to hard to make her this sympathetic character, that she's really the victim, even though she murdered an untold number of people, with the only reason being that because she's so popular, she isn't allowed to be evil. I don't have anything against them making her a sympathetic character, all in all it was a good choice, but then I also don't why all these "fans" completely disregard her lore. In all the fan art, and comics, and other such things, people constantly portray her as this "flirty, seductress, who also happens to be your best friend" kinda deal, keeping her positive and charming, which I feel completely disrespects her character. It seems everywhere, the fans only choose to see 10% of Ahri, while outright ignoring he actual story. Ahri is a character of mixed emotions, deep contemplative thought, she's done so much wrong, and she's trying to make it right, to forgive herself, to gain some form of redemption for all the acts she has commited. In the new lore, she isn't even some flirty, party girl, the lore even outright stating that she used magic to ensnare people, along with her looks, not by having a charming personality. So, are the fans just so obsessed with how attractive she is that they're willing to overlook all the character development she's gone through? Ahri literally killed her lover, and felt so guilty afterwards that she tried to rid herself of the memories of ever doing so. Are you really going to overlook that, and still say she's just some fun, bubbly girl? I just hope to god she gets a new VO soon so people can get a taste of her real personality.
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