How to deal with fizz in low elo?

Talking silver/low gold. Teammates never counterpick so thats out. Played ryze into him and won lane hard. Took his turret at 12 minutes and was up 60 cs. But he would constantly roam bot even if his lane wasnt shoved and dive my bot lane, usually trading a kill. Thats enough gold for him. Enemy bot was vayne and gained a cs and xp advantage (and was 4/1 at 9 minutes) over my bot lane. Bot lost hard. I kept up my push and ult ganks. Ended the game 200 cs up on him and even in kills and assists with 4 less deaths. But he was strong enough to be a significant threat still and we were winning but I got caught out by a fizz ult randomly and we lost the game right there. Yeah, his pre-6 lane phase isnt good. I ran double mr runes on ryze (phase rush) and pre-6 when he traded me with electrocute it still did more than 50% of my hp. I did run him down coz of his long cooldowns and left him with more damage than i recieved, but it was a lot of damage early game. After 6 hes already a threat. Full build if the game goes on long enough, with lichbane, he can legit wq squishies to instagib them if they dont build mr. doesnt even need ult. Slippery AF with trickster. how do you deal with this? edit: also wanted to mention after AA and Sorc boots I had a negatron for abyssal. He had sheen and oblivion orb. Still doing 80% of my hp with a full ult combo at level 8. Busted champ. Problem is, hard to damage him back when im knocked up and hes invulnerable during trickster. So even though Im ahead and not dead from full combo, he isnt dead either and sitting at like 65% hp. He can just w auto me to death even if i land all my abilities after trickster goes on cooldown.
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