What to do when other lanes lose after winning yours and ganking.

Ok last game as {{champion:238}} I kill the jg {{champion:19}} and enemy mid {{champion:3}} , jg {{champion:121}} is helping top {{champion:23}} get ahead although top still manages to get pushed to inner turrets by enemy {{champion:85}} . I help bot lane {{champion:236}} {{champion:117}} take mid turret while getting multiple shut downs on fed {{champion:67}} and helping them take their turret. Lucian ends 1/11 and is essentially no factor in this entire match other than feeding. Galio ends 1/3/2 and doesn't contribute much to their team. Mid turret is the first to go down in favor of our team, I should've taken it sooner though because top had already lost theirs despite being ahead due to multiple ganks from khazix. I also gank by the time our top inner turret is getting pushed by the kennen and get 2 kills off of him. So by this point no lane is winning, Vayne is fed and now unkillable due to {{champion:44}} babysitting and luc feed. WW is also fed, leaving Lulu and I end as the only 2 on our team who are somewhat useful. TLDR: My point is what do you do when you have won lane, have ganked other lanes, but have no one to make plays or pressure? Do I just accept defeat? What champions do not require a good team that i can practice in preseason besides {{champion:24}} and {{champion:23}} ? Seems like games with an incompetent adc are always losses especially when there isnt anyone else to work with on the team. Split pushing and team fighting also not an option. ( I understand my farm can be improved on but i want other suggestions) I lost my gold promos despite playing well all 3 games, and have fallen all the way to silver 2 5 lp.
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