Something is wrong here in D4

Hi there forum, i don't come here often but it can't just be me so i need to know, is everything fine with diamond4? i mean, i take 13 lp a win and lose 24, when 2 months ago in p1 i took 26 lp a game but after searching i saw this is a problem that riot promised to fix long time ago but for now it still just a promise. Im talking about matchmaking, i keep finding gold IV players, in diamond games, no wonder they go 0/5 and than afk at 10 mins, and if there are not golds, there are ex golds D: I logged my smurf just to do a quick test and yes, in my gold smurf i find plat ppl which is right since i got an high mmr. With a quick recap: main account, diamond elo, finding gold IV ppl; smurf, gold elo, finding plat II ppl. I think is time to fix this shit (:.
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