Riot Games, a worthless community.

Oh man where to start. League of Legends, amazing idea. With a worthless team of people who manage it. The entirety of the riot games crew. I just don't understand how, is absolutely fucked. For a lack of better wording. They started a free to play game. With guarantees that the community will be toxic due to the fact that there are just so many people who play the game. However they have a banning system, a restriction system, and a busted report system. That the only point of is to TRY to keep toxic players out of a non-toxic players game. Which is absolutely impossible. I get why some one would want a system to report somebody. However when you have a large community such as League of Legends. You gain the impossibility to decide who plays your game and who does not. You can ban every single "toxic player" from the game. They will simply make a new account and continue to be toxic if they feel that is what they want to do. If Riot really wants to try to control the community and who can and cannot play the game that they "created painstakingly" they had better well make the game a paid membership. Similar to World of Warcraft, however, they'd have to remove the banning system. Because I guarantee the first person to spend a years worth of $10 payments to play their worthless game just to be banned for getting upset that their game screwed him over. They'd end up with a losing lawsuit. Granted they've won lawsuits against people who spent thousands and had their accounts banned. Paid memberships are different. However I disagree that a person who spent any amount of money on a VIDEO GAME. Should only be able to be banned for hacking. That is not the case however. If enough people throw a baby fit. You get banned, if you say one thing against riot as a whole. You get banned, if you get mad at you jungle player for going 0/10/0 and that he should not be playing ranked. YOU GET BANNED. League of Legends is long overdue for a change in management. Or just a change in general. I know this post will get flamed like hell but I do not care. I've wanted to get this off my chest for a while. So I'm doing it, if Riot or anyone in this toxic community gets offended by it. I could not care less, ban me, restrict me, hunt down my ip and make it so I can't make another account. I could not care less. Riot games is worthless, the community is worthless, and League of Legends is worthless. Or at least League of Legends will be worthless. As long as Riot Games remains in control of who can and can't play the game. It's a video game, there is no reason anyone should have any say over who can and can't play it. If you paid money, or if you have had an account with Riot for over a year. There shouldn't be any reason you get banned. No matter how toxic you are. You support the game, you buy skins, champions, and spend countless hours trying to get good. But because you get angry when some one drags you down. Or plays badly, your support does not matter to riot. Because there will always be another toxic player. Willing to spend a few hundred every couple months. Just to look fancy in a game where they can lose everything. Because a few people get butt hurt. If you're gonna ban some one for making somebody else have hurt feelings. May as well take the game off the internet and make it so nobody can play it. Longest paragraph in the world, but when it comes to this game. There is a ton to be said. Go ahead and have your fun flaming this post. This will be the first and only time I ever see it myself. Sincerely, OrgeemusPrime Banned for flaming my team after they flamed me for picking Teemo top. Has several accounts, good luck banning them all. {{champion:427}}
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