These last 2 weeks in an attempt to get gold I'm going to do the following:

-Only play between 100-500 hours -/mute all my team every single game -only play champions who can carry a 4v5 because my games have been LOUSY with those in the past 3 days -don't play support even though it's my most comfortable role -ignore my team being stupid and just split push because it got me to silver 2 so far so i guess it works -ignore losing lanes and work on feeding winning ones -ban yi If anyone has any other advice for _**SILVER ELO ONLY**_ please let me know. EDIT: Well I've dropped from Silver 2 to Silver 4 and at this rate I'm going to be in Bronze 4 by tomorrow. Some of us just aren't cut out for ranked at all. It was stupid of me to even think I could make it to gold. After 6 years on this game and the fact I'm still silver should be the only notice I need I'm garbage at this game. Iron 4 here I come... EDIT 2: So I played with ChickenWrap (thanks again) and my biggest issue seems to be wave manipulating that leads to lack of lane prescence. Also my former friend was trolling tf out me with his advice. You don't build Liandry's on Varus or essensce reaver :x. And it's okay to push lane/poke your opponent as long as you're winning. And the Jungler can gank through lane. You know I'm starting to think some of y'all high elo players troll low elos like me for LULs like that asshole did. Also I fixed my runes and I'm practicing a combo now. ;-; I'm not dogshit tier but even me starting off strong or with a good KDA gets blown because I just don't have a prescence despite being fed :(
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