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So i was thinking, LoL should make a TV Show similar to Game of Thrones. Considering that is coming to an end soon there won't be a show as big (cast and storyline) for quite a while. The backstory is already there, I know it would be extremely difficult to have over a 110 actors playing those roles, but they could start of small with the most popular champs in the game(zed, darius, swain, yasuo, vayne, katarina etc). And maybe just start off with just 3 regions like Noxus, Ionia and Freljord for example, fighting to gain power and then slowly bring in other characters and regions after a few die during the starting seasons. The show doesn't entire have to rely on the game, just the staying true to the characters and their backstories. This would be a very big show, cause people would want Game of Thones to be replaced by something that is nearly as big. And the reason i'm saying not the connect the game and the show too much is because people who don't play the game can also watch the show without being confused. I know it would be hard work putting all of this together but it can be done. This would be a great way to expand Riot as a company. Similar to the way Angry Birds did with their movie and show etc (and they didn't even have a such interesting characters and story) I don't know what do you guys think? cause i'm sure it would be a massive success. I mean, there 67 million players that play monthly, all of us will probs keep the show running. and perhaps a lot of other people will start playing the game cause of the tv series, who knows?
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