Should champ select lock in your pick for you if you don't click "lock-in"? Here's why i think so.

I have recently lost lp on multiple occasions because for some reason my client wont let me lock in a pick or a ban. I am connected through a LAN cable and not losing connection. This is frustrating as fuck, so I decided to join and league discord channel, and asked if anyone else has a similar issue. To my surprise there were quite a few people who have experienced this at one time or another whether it be a one time thing, or something that happens more frequently. (For me its happening every fucking day now, which is weird because i've never had this issue before and i havent changed anything and all of the sudden its an everyday thing.) Sometimes it corrects itself, and i can lock in at the last minute, other times it doesn't. Even with that aside, what is the point of the system dodging rather than locking in when the timer gets to zero? It just doesn't make any sense at all to me. Maybe I am missing something though, like to hear others thoughts on it.
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